Monday, December 27, 2010

The Hype is winding down

Holidays are over, and my idea of making gift guides was nipped in the butt by my grandfather's surgery. Though things are still in full swing in relation to his surgery, no longer being sick myself and recouped from the Month long Novel Writing, I have created some nice pieces and will be slowly showing them in my Shop.

Truthfully, I was not prepared for this Christmas. I have very few wares and I'm still exploring the depths of my creativity. I have finally stretched out into a new Style as I knew I eventually would, but did not think I would touch on this specific style so soon.


I have always been in love with fantasy, the mystical, the romance, and everything so far from reality. Steampunk may not be my favorite genre, but the 'idea' of it, of picturing myself in a world like those books, for a moment it can seem so real. For some reason it feels more down to earth than our world right now. Perhaps its the lack of 'electronics' and everything digital. Iron must be wrought and hammered over an anvil by honed human strength and out of the blood and sweat is something gorgeous. It takes more skill to create a Pocket Watch by the 'mundane' tools of hammers, forges and anvils than it does by machines who do our work for us.

Steampunk is a reminder of the intelligence, the creativity and the hard work of the men and women before the age of technology took that all away.

That's what Steampunk means to me. Of a time we shouldn't forget, yet Steampunk is much more than just an age of our history. It is touched with fantasy, and even magic.

What does Steampunk mean to you? (tell me in the comment section below)

With all that said, my first tinkering project has lead me to creating this wonderful piece which I have labeled a HUGE success!!

I then proceed to make another. Running low on brass gears to bring out color, so I added flat Col Topaz Swarovski Crystals to the piece. I acme up with this...

I am very proud of myself, but before I pat myself on the back I will get back to work, and begin to expand my Creativity with this new found love for crafting Steampunk!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Back with a Bang for the Holidays

I had disappeared for an entire month writing a Novel for National Novel Writing Month. With November now over, I am back just in time for the holidays. Perhaps I have missed most of the commotion or perhaps some of you are still pondering over what presents to buy your friends for the Holidays.

Over the next few days I'll be going over some Favorite Shops, New Shops and some well founded Shops for some great gift ideas for your children, your spouse, your grandparents, your teachers and more. Each few days will give new ideas for each one. I will select a variety of gift types including indulgent and budget friendly gift ideas. First and Foremost, I'll start with our lovely Mothers.

Coming Very Soon!!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Leave My Heart Beating For You!

Romance is in the air, but it doesn't have to be because of Valentines. Valentines is far away, but love still blooms. New Romances and old Romances are celebrating every day. The bonds that hold us together that ease us through the day. Sometimes it is the reason we live, sometimes we wait for that Love to come into our lives - the reason we exist.

So lets celebrate with these gorgeous Heart Throbs on Etsy from the Treasury "Leave My Heart Beating For You!" Inspired by the Non Team Challenge #2 and FlutterbyeNotes cards of all forms of Love.

FlutterbyeNotes won the Non Team Treasury Challenge #1 and selected this particular item for the second Challenge.Going with the flow, inspired by the tiny pink heart I chose love as my theme of choice.

Finding Romantic treasures on Etsy was not hard to come by, but the perfect fit for the Treasury was. Among the ones I selected was this gorgeous set of Hand Painted Wine Glasses painted with tiny flowers into interwining hearts by RaeSmith.

This beautiful Heart Necklace by Bijunea speaks for itself. 

Kreatus makes wonderful pottery, and this beautiful piece speaks volumes in the language of romance.

And what is romance without some delicious chocolates? Truffles to be exact. Every woman needs to indulge in chocolates, and there is nothing like a man delicately placing a truffle on our lips. LoveBirdChocolates provides just the right truffles for that special occasion!

Want to see more Heart Throb items to get your romance on? Check out this treasury!

Leave My Heart Beating For You!

And don't forget to check out the Non Team Treasury Challenge!!

Treasury Challenge Non Team

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Cameos are in!

Cameos have survived the ages since they've been first created. Almost in every style you can find cameos. Here you can find a collection of cameos across Etsy in various styles. "Love Me a Cameo" Treasury displays a few of many crafty and imaginative Etsians using cameos in their artwork. A few of these great artisits you will find below. If you like their work, check out the Treasury and their Shops for more great designs.

Cameos represent the Victorian Era, so it is no surprise that it can be found in the ever growing trend of Steampunk, such as MizzDraconia's "The Scientist Choker".

Cameos often signify romance in their presentation of beuatiful and elegant women. There has always been a touch of romance (however tragic) in the gothic style and therefore cameos are very popular among goths, especially those depicting skulls and skeletons, such as FaerieDustDesigns's "Danse Macabre Vintage Escutcheon Cuff".

As macabre and grim as these can be, cameos also represent femininity. Not all cameos are presented in such a dark fashion. The above pieces are dynamic and beautiful but it reaches out only to those who enjoy Steampunk and Gothic Fashion or lifestyle. What about us more lady like women? We haven't been left out. AmazingDesign has created a very feminine, vintage style piece. This "Gold Victorian Lady Cameo" would easily suit a woman who likes to express her feminine side.

Cameos don't need to be about women however. A cameo can depict just about anything. LovedtoDeath has taken the idea of a cameo and ran away with it. In her piece, she has used preserved Prairie Dog Paw and sealed it in resin on a cameo. This "Prairie Dog Paw Silver Cameo Necklace" is not for everyone, but for the sake of wearing original jewelry, you will certainly get some attention.

Infinitales has gone ahead and used modern cartoon characters in her "Ephemeral Dancer" in a vintage style cameo in the shape of a butterfly.

Check out "Love Me a Cameo" for more great Cameos in various styles and methods of design.

Monday, October 11, 2010

ONE DAY ONLY!! Thanksgiving SALE!

I am having a 20% off Thanksgiving Sale for all items above 10 dollars in my SHOP! Get it while it's hot, it ends at midnight!

Send me the following code at the time of purchase to receive the discount.

Code: Turkey

Enjoy your holidays!

A New Team that isn't a Team

A Treasury mania is what it is. A fun, and inspiring idea benefiting everyone who joins. Dottyral had come up with an amazing idea that she had shared with us here on the Business Forum on how to utilize the Treasury with a group of people in order to display and advertise each others work as well as their own in a fun and competitive manner.

This idea has excited dozens of Etsians, and it is sure to take off with a hoot!

Dottyral has gone and made a Blog for this specific on-going event, called "Treasury Challenge NonTeam". Here fellow Etsians have the chance to read more about this fantastic ideas and how to participate. This week is the very first week, so expect some more ideas and rules to be tweaked as we see how it works out.

Inspired by this idea, FabricFascination had gone ahead and created a Treasury called "Plum and Gold" of all the Etsians that were currently excited about this NonTeam and had signed up.

The Idea of these Treasuries is to showcase other NonTeam members in Treasuries, and tagging these Treasuries specifically for this on-going event. The Etsian who had created the best Treasury has an item selected from their own shop that will then be showcased in every Treasury of the upcoming week challenge.

So what are you waiting for? Join up and get started!!!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Grace me with Leaves and Trees from the Ocean of Life

Fall has come rather fast, and our gorgeous trees are turning all shades of reds, oranges and yellows. It will be a long cold season before we see the buds of new life spring again, so here's a Treasury dedicated to nature's natural air purifiers: Grace me with Leaves and Trees...

Honorable Mentions from the Treasury!

daydreemdesigns has created these beautiful hand engraved wine glasses. I cannot imagine the immense detail and time that went into each individual glass. These are truly remarkable!

RaceTay always takes great photos. She knows exactly what she is doing, and captures rich and crisp scenes. Here is a beautiful print of Cherry Blossoms.

mythunderstood creates amazing jewelry and neck pieces. This here is one of her most captivating pieces. A great piece for Halloween or as a statement.

 Rossawanlight creates amazing light fixtures with intense, dynamic colors of various floral and leaf designs. It is hard to pass one of these great fixtures by without taking a closer look.

These few items featured in the Leaf and Tree Treasury is only a taste of what you'll see.

Have a close look at the Treasury and see for yourself the wonderful talents on Etsy!

Grace me with Leaves and Trees from the Ocean of Life Treasury!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

A Whole New Look

It is funny how it hit me. While lounging on my favorite pink chair in the living room, I happened to look up at my two blue roses that I had dried over a year ago when it dawned on me. Why not use the roses as a prop?

So long I had been wanting to have a set of props to create a theme for my jewelry in the background to set a feel and mood to the images and jewelry I was displaying. I had been struggling with what to purchase to create that mood. How do I hang them?

With my new roommate I can now show my jewelry on models, but with rediscovering the items around my home that are potential props, I now can finally create much better pictures.

Here are some examples!!

Beautiful deep blues in this pair of earrings works really well with the blue and white props. These earrings can be found here at: Dainty Sapphire Blue Czech Earrings

This here also works very well with the silver and purple in this necklace. In fact this is my favorite picture of all the pictures I took of this necklace that I have recently made.You can find the necklace here at: Elegant Jasper Necklace on Etsy

However I have found that the color of the wooden table , though a lovely color in these pictures, doesn't tend to work very well with pinks. I have rediscovered my Printer's grey surface so I believe from here onward I will have to take my Jewelry Photo-ops on the Printer and hope it doesn't turn out tacky.

See for yourself!

These are very cute earrings with a pale pink 8mm faceted glass bead at the end, however the delicate color is absorbed by the wooden table. You can barely see the pink. I've found pink not to be a good match with this table for that reason. If you like the earrings though, they can be found here: Light Pink Swarovski Earrings

I hope you like my new look, I certainly do, but it will need some tweaking for jewelry of other colors such as reds and greens, and of course pink!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Busy Busy Busy Bee

I've taken a break from crafting my Jewelry and paid small attention to my shop as I arranged a friend to move in with myself and my grandfather.

The economy has hit everyone pretty hard in one way or another. Perhaps we sometimes don't feel the pinch right away, but there certainly have been changes in the past year.

Everyone has worked hard, but as we have found out, sometimes hard work goes without notice.

A friend of mine has worked very hard, but despite her hard work and her endevour to be a Vetrinarion Technician, coming by work here in Ontario has been very difficult for her field. Feeling the pinch she became desperate after losing her previous job and ended up needing a place to go with very little funds to support herself.

So I had taken her in and made what accomodations I can to help her. Having been a roomate with her before 3 years ago, I was mostly prepared for this big move and integration with her 2 cats with my 3 and my German Shepherd.

Things have been going well, but I've been extra busy, especially with having to clean up after her as well. As a result, I took a week off.

But now I'm back, and my shop will be filling up with earrings - some from the Art Show. With her help, she and I can model for my jewelry which works out great.

Pictures and some highlights of my recent work will be coming soon!!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sahetah's Jewelry!

Just a few things from my shop. Have a look!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sea Shells by the Sea Shore

Summer has passed and the leaves are turning yellow. Autumn is here, and our vacations have passed. All that is left is our memories, our pictures and our souveniers.

My trip to Nova Scotia was my very first vacation, and very first trip out of Ontario. It was a nice break from taking care of my grandfather for the past two years and being able to spend some time with my family and regenerate. In Nova Scotia is where I became inspired to craft jewelry and so it is only fitting I pay tribute!!

So it was very exciting when it dawned on me to create a Treasury with the feel of Nova Scotia. I had such a great time that I did not want to leave, and I brought home very few items that gave me the feel of Nova Scotia and the life by the Sea.

But here you can capture some of that life in this wonderful Treasury.

Check it out:

Out of this Treasury do you know what are my favorites?

One thing you have to know about Nova Soctia if you have never been there, is that it is almost entirely surrounded by Ocean. Part of the Ocean swells into a Bay, but it is all Ocean water. How could you possibly take a part of the Ocean with you?

Well sadly you can't. Taking a bottle of Ocean water really doesn't do the trick. What will you possibly do with it? Well, Gel Delights has solved that problem with their stunning Tabletop Candle featuring a look into the depths of the Ocean in a large glass bowl with crushed shells and sand. Instead of a tacky bottle of water, we have a centerpiece for your living room mimicking nature's beauty with sprouting candle wicks. Within the bowl are swimming fish suspended in the gel.

Gel Delights does not only make these wonderful Ocean theme candles, but she also makes one of a kind, juicy pies and pastry candles that look so good you will forget that they are not edible!

Take burning your pies to a whole new level and burn one of these pies in your kitchen! (don't eat them =p )

Find this gorgeous centerpiece here by Gel Delights as well as her Desert Candles!

While out in Nova Scotia there were many trips out on the Ocean by boat. Two of these trips we had sailed off on a Sailboat, one at night from the Harbor of Halifax to watch the stars and the city lights from afar with the quiet breeze guiding us across the waves. The fun did not stop there. The second trip was from the shores of Lunenburg, my favorite town of Nova Scotia. We spotted seals and Porposes, drank white wine while huddling in thick blankets from the cold Atlantic air and I had a chance to sit with the Captain and stear the boat and hold the large wooden wheel into port, thanks to my dad who caught the Captain's attention when he asked for a new volunteer.

So selecting this piece as one of my favorites was an easy choice.

Newsprout created this lovely 10k Antique Gold ladies pocket case with a Sailboat Wheel. She picked natural treasures from the California beaches, but despite where she found them, they can also be found in Nova Scotia where I had collected some of these treasures as well. Featured in this Pocket Case are sea shells, mother of pearl, tiny sea agates and little ocean pebbles all in soft, natural colors.

Newsprouts does not only make these Pocket Cases, but many other items and jewelry all inspired by the Ocean. All her finds of Sea Glass and shells are all natural and recycled.

Check out this wonderful Pocket Case and Newsprout's other great pieces inspired by the Ocean from her Etsy Shop!

In Nova Scotia we had aspired to catch the glimpse of whales and dolphins. Sadly we had only seen one Right Wale breach the water as the day was rather foggy. We did however see many seals basking on rocks in the middle of the Ocean as well as porposes following our boats. It was only fitting to add some whales and dolphins to the mix of my Nova Scotia Treasury. I found many wonderful pieces of whales and dolphins, but my favorite pieces was this cute bundle of soaps featuring Dolphins breaching the Ocean on waves.

SatinandBirch create many wonderful and unique decorative soaps. It would be hard to consider actually bathing or washing with any of these soaps because they are so beautiful and unique. The bright color of the waves is only fitting for such a bright and lively cultures by the Ocean. The dolphins, the waves and the shells are finely detailed and intricate, something not often seen by naturally made soaps.

Butterflies, owls, wreaths are only a few of the many designs of her soaps with gorgeous colors and detail. These pieces are especially fitting for the bathroom of course, possibly in a light beige weave basket with beige confetti paper lining the bottom and featuring these nicely crafted soaps on top to display to your guests....perhaps a sign that says 'please do not use'! =p

Come check out her lovely soaps at her shop here on Etsy!

I will never forget my trip to Nova Scotia, and with these beautifully colored and creative items - I hope you never forget the wonders of the Ocean too!

Enjoy my Treasury for more wonderful finds!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Two New Treasuries. Victorian Goth and Steampunk!

I have a fascination of the two, but I do not participate in either! But, to share my envy here are some items from each Treasury I carefully created, selecting only items with the certain uniqueness or quality and good quality pictures. I prefer themed backgrounds that allow the item to pop from the screen, so very few white or plain background items will ever be found in my Treasuries!


We've been hearing this word for the past couple of years. A new fascination in the world of Larpers and Dreamers that I believe was inspired by all these Vampires coming onto the screen.

This strange, octupos necklace was crafted by Dayslonggone. We have seen the likeness of this necklace on American Idol. It is certainly different, and I strongly believe the inspiration of this necklace came from Pirates of the Caribbean. If you don't believe me, go watch the movies for yourself!

This piece is by FernStreetDesigns. Now who can pass up a watch ring with a bee in its center? There is so much going on in this small piece, it's hard not to stare for a while trying to take it all in. It almost looked like the bee flew into the clock face and went SPLAT!


Victorian Goth will never go out of style. In fact more and more Victorian items are popping up, and many items have been influenced by Steampunk or Goth - or vice versa.

Crafted by EnchantressAdornment, this piece is just to good to be true. It's gone batty! The floral motiff and the chandelier effect really makes this item stand out! For anyone who loves Victorian Jewelry or accessories, it's hard not to drool!

This stunning, statement outfit was crafted by OblivionClothing. There is not much that needs saying for this item. It is everything it should be. Dramatic, flowing, elegant with a stiff partial collar and tight bodice and room to show off your bosom. The dark, transparent, shimmering skirt pulls this together into a great piece for your collection.

Check these wonderful pieces along with MORE stunning pieces waiting for you in their Treasuries.
To find the Steampunk Collection, look here!
And the Victorian Goth Collection can be found here:

I hope you enjoy these as much as I did finding them! =)

The Countdown has begun!

It is only a few days left, and I've been working very hard the past few weeks to get myself ready for my very first Venue, and it just happens to be at an Art Studio Opening Show by invitation! Cabbagetown Festival is nearly here, and I will be at the Art Studio Opening Show just a short walk away on Sept 12th. You can find the details about it here:

Each day consisted of watching an hour of TV to catch up with shows that I love during the day and having breakfast with my grandfather. Afterwards with a cup of coffee or hot chocolate in hand, I head downstairs into my slave dungeon and begin my work. Everything I make has been bagged and tagged individually in the last few days and new pieces await their few minutes of fame in front of my camera.

Unfortunately the weather has been terrible. The hurricanes have brought high winds, rain and heavy clouds our way in Ontario and there are many cloudy days versus sunny days. A light box would have been great this week, but unfortunately I do not have one. My Uncle is making me one before Winter, so until then I depend on the sun.

But I have also made so much that I just can't keep up with editing and listing. My Shop has become second priority, and I am much more concerned about remember everything I need to bring. As long as I remember to bring myself and my jewelry pieces, I think I can manage!

Some pieces that I'm proud of? Well, I've really dove into the idea of bookmarks and keychains, and soon hope to create some belly button rings. It would have been nice to have some fall items, but I realized rather quickly I do not have orange, but I am still proud of these.

This is the "Love You" Keychain with coral chips, deep red stone, light Siam and Fire Opal Swarovski Crystals. The charms are antique silver and it has such a warm feeling to it that it is hard not to keep it for myself. In fact all my jewelry is. I wish I had a boyfriend right now, I'd make him buy it for me if I wasn't the one who made it! =p

This is the "Black Rose" Bookmark. I think it matches perfectly with all those Vampire Novels pouring out of the Bookstores. The Antique Silver fish hook matches really well too. I just happened to have this Resin Rose Pendant and a Rose engraved Fish Hook. I was a little stumped on how exactly I wanted to piece this together. I ended up adding the Deep Red Stone in the middle of the chain for a finished look.

I have been told I have an eye for balance. But I wish I had that eye in my drawing as I always tend to draw my eyes off kilter. 

Oh well. I will set aside the dream to paint fairies for now and focus more on my Jewelry.

The next couple of days though, I'm taking some time for me and doing the last final checks and other things on my preparation list. 

Especially since I crafted until I ran out of supplies! :D

Hope I will see some of you at the Art Studio Opening Show! =)

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Get Featured in my Blog!

My blog is small right now, but I plan on changing that! This has been a few weeks coming, but I plan on featuring a new Etsian Crafter every few days to a week depending on the time I can manage!!

Do you want to be featured in my blog?

How It Works!

Step 1: Follow my Blog!

(If you want to be featured on my Fanpage as well as the blog then join my fanpage at: )

Step 2: Comment below and tell me a little about what you do and why it is unique

Step 3: If you are chosen I will convo you with my email and give you a few questions for you to fill out as thoroughly as you can with lots of helpings of cheerfulness and optimism. You will then send it to me by email.

Step 4: Select up to 3 photos of your best work - must be clear and bright. And write a small blurb for each. Choosing ones still on sale is a good idea, but I need to have ONE piece that you are most proud of among all of your work and one piece that you feel distinguishes you among everyone else! You will also send these to me by email.

Step 5: A picture of you and a link to your Etsian Store and blog and/or Fanpage!

If you are not chosen for this week, I will still send you a questionnaire for you to fill out, and will notify you when your featured on my blog!!

Keep in mind..

I can't reach everyone or all at once! Sadly...I only have 2 hands! =/

My blog may be small now, but doing this I think that will change and hopefully bring some of you to the spotlight.

I am especially looking for new shops, people who have not yet been noticed but have solid and unique creations. I know how hard it can be to get out there and noticed! Under 200 sales would be nice, but if you are interested post anyways, if there are not lots of competition for a spot than you may pass Go and collect 200 dollars! (i.e get featured in my blog) ;)

Good luck!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

My First Time!

Oh, it's not what you are thinking!!!

After only crafting jewelry for a month, I get to experience for the first time what it is like to have a small venue in public at an Art Studio Gallery in Toronto. The excitement and the nervousness drives me every day to work hard. You can't believe how thrilled I am to have this opportunity.

I am a quick learner, and I've come along way from where I started. I learned new skills, refined old skills and have grown in confidence. There was a time I never thought I'd put my Artistic abilities to full use. I never saw myself crafting Jewelry.

Jewelry is only a very small part of this Art Gallery. It's main feature is the beautiful work of Hilary Slater and her paintings both in watercolor and oils. We may even have a chance to see her pottery that she has perfected over the past six years and her stunning photography.


That's what the Show is all about for me. I will be giving deals to customers who buy my jewelry. Buy any 5 pieces of jewelry and receive 10 DOLLARS OFF YOUR PURCHASE!!!!

That's right. And that wont be the only deals you will find!! So here is a sneak peak of the day of the things you will find waiting for you!!!

This is a gorgeous piece made with Swarovski Crystals and high quality Amethyst Glass on sterling silver wire and fish hook ear wire. This pair comes in several different colors, buy 2 and get five dollars off the second pair!

You can find this Art Studio Gallery on September 12th in Toronto Ontario at 11 Wellesley Avenue, off Wellesley ST EAST!!

Contact me for more details!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Shopping with the family!

Isn't she cute? Well she goes through those Frisbee as fast as she goes through food. Something tha I need to buy more of before she gets bored.

More of my family is coming over today which is a rare ocassion. Not many are willing to travel up here to my grandfather's place besides my Mother and my Aunt. It is a far distance, and they must figure that since I take care of him I am keeping him company. But he still enjoys the family visits and dinner!

Hopefully today I can buy more semi precious stones, have money set aside for some business cards and eventually some fliers.

Would be good to replace this monitor too. I bought this Acer computer from Best Buy over a  year ago. It was brand new. Well, it appears the monitor is going on the fritz. Every day more pixels blow and are running down my screen. It has become a thick bar down the right side of my screen that I can't see through.

If my laptop was set up and I replaced the broken mouse, I wouldn't be as bothered by this. Fortunately my sister's husband knows of a great place to buy refurbished computers for only a fraction of the price in retails such as Best Buy. I hope I wont have to dig much into my pocket for a monitor, and if so, then a new mouse too!

And of course a round of frisbee at the park to finish the day!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

A nice hot cup of coffee in the early morning!

I've been waking up early these past few weeks, planning goals for myself and trying to achieve them. With my current supplies I am limited to how many jewelry creations I can come up with, but I have many ideas in my head running about.

I have articles to write, but as I was about to finish an Article about "Methods of Training for German Shepherds" my Windows Office has decided to cut itself off from me until I can find the product key...I think I should have's a new computer...

Oh well...I can always use my laptop for my business instead of my computer.

What just dawned on me this morning.... is that I DO have a work space for crafting my jewelry. The table my supplies and containers are sitting on can be pulled up into a large table. An antique table actually.

The only worry I have now is my cats...who absolutely love to see what they can get into and break. My one cat Rajha may look like she is only thirteen pounds, but I swear to you she is one hundred pounds of least thats what it feels like when she jumps on you while you sleep. I have a feeling her mighty weight may break the antique table.

But it would be so nice to have some working space.

This hot cup of coffee is keeping me nice and warm, but it is not helping my indecision of making a Fan Page on Facebook for my jewelry. Should I wait till I have more product? Should I create and pay for ads on facebook or wait for more product?

All these things to think about, and having never been in business myself...the part of me that attended Business Administration is telling me to wait till I have more to offer...but the excited "I want to get this going!" side of me says "LET'S DO IT!"

If I drink this coffee down, do you think the answers will be at the bottom of the mug?

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

my finger has an itch...

My finger has an itch to write...but write about what?

A lot of writers gets this feeling, especially when it comes to starting a novel. There's an itch that is driving us to write...write something...but we don't know what to write about. Some writers get this often, some of us do not. It may come around once a blue moon, and if we don't write RIGHT at that moment...on THAT particular day, the moment passes, and we are back to our dreary lives...the effortless flow of amazing words pouring out of our souls that only comes when we have that itch - is GONE!

All we needed was some writing utensils...and something to write about!

What can you do when this moment arises? You know you only have a short time!

Well, if it comes and passes you by because you often have no inspiration at the time, here is a trick to get you writing!

Before the itch comes, pull some random books off your shelf, or perhaps pick a couple favorites you keep around. Stack them on one side of your desk, pull out a piece of paper and list how many books you have down the page on every other line. If you REALLY want to get wild, double the number on the page.

For the next part you can do this in either two ways. Start with a random sentence, or start with a beginning sentence of each book. I'll explain the reason for the two different options later.

Write down the first sentence on the first line and then put the book on the opposite side of the table. Grab the next book and do the same in the next line. Continue doing this till you have finished all the books. If you have decided to double your list, then after choosing the beginning sentence, then flip to the end of the book and write down the beginning sentence of the last chapter on the next line and continue this process till you've completed all the books.

Then cut out each sentence that you have written down. Be careful not to cut off any words.

Now you have a random pile of sentences. What to do with them?

Well the next time you have that itch on the tip of your finger and do not know what to do, drop these sentences in a hat, mix 'em up, and grab one with your eyes closed. Whichever one you pull out will be the beginning sentence to a short story you will write. Give yourself a time frame to write. Ten to fifteen minutes is ideal to get a good story started. In that time frame, write whatever it is that comes to mind from that sentence into a story.

Starting with the beginning sentences gives the feel of a beginning of a story. This works perfectly for those who don't know what story to write but want to write one. If you doubled your number, writing the last sentence of the last chapter gives you the feel of the final conflict or the coming of the end of a book. This can have your mind trying to piece together what had happened in order to write 'How it ends'! However if you decide to choose a random page and pick a random sentence instead, it's like you start a story in the middle of a book, already deeply immersed in a world - perhaps a fight scene.

You will find in no time at all,  you will have a story pouring out of you, and who knows, once you start you may not want to stop!!

Have writer's block but need to write? You can do the same thing to get the creative juices flowing!

Now get out there and start writing!

And don't forget to join National Novel Writing Month in November!!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Funny Webcomic

This is too funny! I think too often we hear about this sort of thing!

Sahetah's Crazed Writings is Officially Open

How many times have I done this now? How many blog sites have I tried? I bet if I Googled my name I would find out pretty quick! I distinctly remember adding the same face to a dozen blogs and goodness knows what else, but I'm certainly sick of seeing me! I can't take it anymore - no more blogs!!!

So lets hope this is the last!

Because I'm beginning to feel dull as I try to fill in the "about me" section of my profile and figure out something new to write. Perhaps I should have decided before all of this massive blog-signing-upage that every new blog I come across I'd add one new thing about me to my profile! I should have, because reading all of my dozens of profiles and massively overproduced profile picture I've come to the conclusion that I'm a robot!

This robot doesn't know her creator, but whoever it was shoulda made her taller.

On the bright side I was given a creative mind, but without direction. You would think as a robot that I'd have math skills - the easiest thing for a robot to do! But nope, I have none! I have minimal basic math skills, and for everything else - there is a calculator!

So like every profile I've written, I've said "I take care of my grandfather!"I should have mentioned that I'm also babysitting my nephew, and it feels like I've been doing it for a month (actually its been 4 days). Between them two, I like taking care of my grampa cuz he doesn't follow me into my basement and twirl in a circle and sing off key while I'm trying to craft jewelry in my itty-bitty studio that is more like a computer desk with extra space if I sweep my arm across it! If that isn't bad enough, he fails to understand that with the remote control missing for the tv - he can't play his games. So he likes to sit down and pretend to be really sad and sigh to try and get my attention to save the day! But I think...I think the remote control is missing for good >.>

If I stay upstairs, all is well, but I get no work done! I had promised my mother - yes, my mother >.> - that I'd have some pieces completed for her to see, and some pieces for my friend to photoshoot cuz if you ever happen to see my shop on etsy I have horrible HORRIBLE camera skills.

At least writing Articles doesn't require camera skills! I mostly write about dogs as I've always had a knack with dogs. I've never had to sleep in a dog house though, or chew on a bone to understand the inner dog - thank goodness! But living with wolves so I can better depict their behavior in my novel would have been really nice!

When my novel is complete I will scream it in this blog and have a party with massive balloons because I've been working on it for years and it would be nice to see an ending!!

So that's me! Hopefully I can find things to entertain you with in my Blog!!