Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sahetah's Jewelry Gifting the Press at the GBK's MTV Movie Awards

Not everyone gets the chance to gift celebrities and showcase their work at gift lounges honoring award shows such as the Golden Globes. Such a moment for an Artist can never be replaced and the memory will always be cherished.

In January, The Artisan Group featured our Victoria Necklace at the GBK's Golden Globes celebrity gift lounge at the L'Ermitage hotel. Those two days with my necklace on display, being touched and admired by celebrities was a day that took my breath away. I barely got any sleep those nights.

The Victoria Necklace certainly had its moment in the spotlight. Both Callie Thorne of "Necessary Roughness" and Pat O'Brien of "Access Hollywood" posed with the Victoria Necklace.

These celebs, including nearly a hundred more went home with The Artisan Group swag bags which included our hand dyed Lucite flower earrings in various colors.

The buzz around the Golden Globes lasted for weeks and was the talk of my booth at the Made By Hand Show on April 21st.

Sahetah's Jewelry booth at the Made By Hand Show

So what is in store for Sahetah's Jewelry in May? The GBK's MTV Movie Awards Gift Lounge!

This time, Sahetah's Jewelry will be gifting the Press at this fabulous event. The press deserve some pampering too don't you think?

Sahetah's Jewelry has created a gorgeous necklace to be gifted in the Press Gift Bags. This time our focus was on our line of Feminine Steampunk necklaces.

With a little bit of whimsy and inspiration by years long past, designer Melissa Arnold created the Limited Edition Cecelia Necklace (currently on our etsy shop).

This necklace has been created with stunning blue and white crystals featuring a small brass pocket watch and a cute dragonfly toggle.

The steampunk genre has mainly focused on the masculinity of the Victorian Era. Sahetah's Jewelry brings back the romantic and feminine flare of the old tradition of wearing elaborate pocket watches as necklaces.

These necklaces are not for those who are shy at heart. This necklace is looking for a woman who loves glamor and serious 'wow' factor.

The Press are in for a treat. This necklace is valued at $135.00CAN and ten of them have been made for this event.

Would you like your own necklace that was designed for this wonderful occasion? These necklaces are made-to-order and will be shipped to your front door in the beautiful box you can see above. Just contact me at or visit my website for the listing at: