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Thursday, June 6, 2013

How to wear our long Feminine Steampunk necklaces?

Wearing statement necklaces isn't always easy. You have to match the right kind of top with the statement piece of your choosing. Here we've shown examples of how you can wear our long pocket watch necklaces, part of our Feminine Steampunk collection!

How to wear Feminine Steampunk by Sahetah's Jewelry

Our Feminine Steampunk collection is derived from the Steampunk genre which is a very rustic, industrial fashion look. However we have designed our collection around modern, classy looks for women. So you don't have to put on a corset to wear our collection. Just select something semi-casual or glamorous and own your day!

Check out some of our new designs below!

So tell us below what you'd like to wear with our long pocket watch necklaces?