Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Sacrifice Of Innocence Cover Reveal

I just have to share this novel from my friend and Author Allison Cosgrove. This is the second edition of her book with a brand new and exciting cover. Don't forget to join the fanpage for this awesome book.

Sacrifice Of Innocence Cover Reveal

A cult has been killing children for its rituals and only one cop knows who they are. Detective Stan Brookshire knows but his past keeps people from believing in him. Can he rise above the stigma that shrouds his past and stop a cult from taking yet another innocent child from her mother’s arms before its too late?


The man in the corner listened in the darkness, the wind whistling through the crack in the window frame, billowing his hair around him. The child in the room with him was invisible in the darkness. Even the power of the sun, let alone the light from the full moon, could not dampen the gloom hidden behind the boarded windows.

Hearing a sound, the man stiffened. It was the child; the sweet, young child.

"Very soon, my precious, very soon," Joseph whispered, his breath coming in short gasps. Excitement filled his belly; time was drawing closer for the boy.
Footsteps in the hallway caused the boy to whimper in fear, lighting the man's loins on fire. Desperately wanting the forbidden, to touch and play with the boy, he tried to force the urge back down. He wasn't allowed that pleasure, yet. The priests would come soon and the boy would have to be pure. The man's needs would have to wait. The boy would have to wait.
Dreaming of the day he would finally be able to have his way with the boy, the man fixed the delicious whimpers in his memory. The boy would no longer be able to cry and plea.

It was coming soon. So close now.

On the other side of the room, he heard the ominous creak of the door opening. Blinding light silhouetted a figure dressed in long robes.

He hurried over and retrieved his boy-child, his breath coming in gasps so ragged that he thought his lungs would cease to function.

A whimper was all that escaped the gag when the boy tried to scream. Cringing at the man's touch, he fought against the bonds, causing the man's groin to harden once more.

The man smiled. He tightened his grip upon the boy as he tried to wiggle free. The door stood open, waiting for him and the boy.

Suddenly, the door swung closed behind him, plunging the room into darkness once again.


Allison Cosgrove was born and raised in a suburb of Toronto, Ontario. A married mother of three daughters, she works in accounting by day and creates her own worlds by night. She enjoys spending time with her husband and daughters hiking in the woods or sitting by the fire reading a good book. She has had the love of reading and writing detective mysteries from the age of twelve but it has only been since the birth of her youngest that she has gotten serious about crafting some of her own works for others to enjoy. She credits her family and friends with being the driving force that has given her the strength to breathe life into her books.

Follow and be a fan!

Stan Brookshire Novels Fanpage
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And don't forget to read the book and share your comments via twitter to Allison herself @alleycat34

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

10 Things I'm Grateful For!

1. I am grateful for my fiance and his amazing support. I am lucky to have a man that supports my endeavors and enjoys even watching me work.I am grateful that even though we live in two entirely different countries (canada and the U.S) we are devoted to each other and travel to each other for extended visits.

2. I am grateful for his children who now adore me, and have given me the chance to be a 'parent' figure which has given me a deeper understanding about my own experiences as a child and my own parents.

3. I am grateful that he is a father, and I believe he is one of the best daddy's I've ever known. He plays and interacts with his kids despite his disability, plays pretend and makes them laugh often. I've never heard so many "I love you's" in one household between kids and parent. He encourages them to play pretend, to be creative and always puts them first - and his kids love him for it.This has given me the chance to see what a 'real loving family' is like that it brings me to tears.

4. I am grateful for my grandfather whom I care for full time as his caregiver. He has allowed me to turn his basement upside down into not only my "woman cave" but also as my studio despite his unwillingness to "change" things. It has allowed me to care for him full time but also put my creative nature to use and work at home.

5. I am grateful for my business, Sahetah's Jewelry. By starting my own business, I've gained confidence that I've never had, the ability to communicate with others at craft shows and feel comfortable doing so. It helped me find the joy of speaking with other people and hearing their stories and their journey. It helped me find like minded people with their own journey becoming an artist. It helped me really appreciate the value of handmade. I am most grateful that through my business it drives me to continue learning new techniques and constantly growing as an Artist.

6. I am grateful for my wonderful and amazing German Shepherd Tasha. Though I've only known her since she was 6 years old, she has been an amazing and loving companion. Through understanding dog behavior (another avenue I had wanted to venture in, but as a caregiver I'm required to be at home, not rehabilitating dogs at shelters) that dogs often portray our inner feelings because of their extreme sensitivity to their owners emotions and react on them, I've realize that I have always lived with constant anxiety, and she has helped me to calm myself and relax. She has also been my protector, and with a history of abuse she has made me feel safe walking on the street where the men who often would prey on me, would steer clear of me because of Tasha's presence. Though she loves strangers and receiving lots of pets on the bus, Only a few times I've been able to witness how quickly she can respond to a person when they are acting inappropriately, such as when a drunken man has tried to approach us rather quickly (who we found out was kicked out of the bar my dad was in because he was sexually harassing the waitress), or when a stranger had tried entering my room while we were both asleep. She checks on me when I'm asleep and always stays by my side, watching me when I'm about and standing guard at the front door when I'm gone.

7. I am grateful for my close friend Chris who stuck by me and helped me out when my family stranded me in Toronto with only the clothes on my back, turning a visit at a friend's into a more permanent stay. Without his kindness and support at finding the confidence in myself to take steps I was so afraid to take...being alone on a bus surrounded by strangers and men I didn't know...I don't think I would have survived. He helped me get on my feet, despite having nothing. His support was the only reason that the overwhelming hurt, realizing how little my family cared about me or my well-being didn't break me, because there was at least ONE person who cared. I have always valued his friendship, and perhaps one of the best dudes around to have your back. :)

8. I am grateful for my health so that I can be creative, so that I can use my hands and travel and support my fiance whose body has failed him. Even though he is limited to his abilities due to his failed back surgery and current health advances unable to correct the problem - my health and confidence gives me the ability to help support him, and he helps support me.

9. I am grateful for the chronic depression I had when I was a teen. Through it, I discovered my passion for art and writing and my artistic abilities drastically advanced. For that period of time I learned how to write poetry and wow my teachers with compelling stories.   I have thus continued to write, with a project in the works, this would probably not happen without that time period where I learned to really enjoy writing and to excel at certain topics.

10. Lastly, I am grateful for my family. Shouldn't we all be? I am grateful for my parents and my sister's selfishness, for putting themselves first over their children, for manipulating others to take over their OWN responsibilities for the simple fact that they are too lazy to care, for never saying "I love you", for refusing to be there at my rescue when there was a chance I was going to be sexually assaulted, for their lack of interest in my schooling when I was a child...

You've taught me through your actions and poor behavior to be a better person. You've taught me about the person I never want to be.You taught me to be loving, because I understand the pain the absence of love creates. You've taught me to share and to be giving, because I understand what greed and selfishness create. You taught me to never seek your approval and never desire it - as the day I have your approval is the day I'm no better than you. You taught me determination to succeed and reach for what I need despite resistance and disprovable.

You taught me a lot about what 'not' to be, and I am proud to be the person that I am. :)

Please comment and share the 10 things you are grateful for :)

Friday, July 27, 2012

A beautiful Morning

My parents went on vacation to Nova Scotia as they do every year. Nova Scotia is where I came to the realization that I wanted to work with my hands for a living, and I discovered I loved designing jewelry.

My parents left just in time to miss the month long heat wave that came through Ontario. It did not rain until they came back, and it has been raining almost every day this week. The flowers are very happy, and I'm happy that my garden is happy.

This morning its a clear sky, the earth is still wet and the garden is thriving. It was beautiful to see.  This will be t he first time I've taken photos of my garden. It's in its first year, and so next year we are hoping it will begin to fill out. The peonies were transplanted from my Aunt's so they are struggling in their new garden, but next year they will be happy too.

I have a German Shepherd, so my mom likes to gift me with German shepherd themed ornaments, key-chains and whatever else she can get her hands on. So one of the gifts she gave me ended up in the garden to welcome her back from her vacation.

And of course our bird bath is now filled with water this morning.

I work with flower jewelry because up until now I've only managed to kill my plants. It seems I've got luck on my side for our first real garden we've put together. The bush behind the bird bath used to take up over 12ft of space in my grandfather's backyard. We hacked it down to a stump and planted a garden in that space instead. We keep it trimmed, but it seems to flourish every time it rains so it has grown quite a bit in the past few days.

There is still some space that needs sod, but otherwise our backyard garden looks great. My Aunt and cousin  helped till the earth and prepare the ground for the garden, but then I planted all these babies myself the next day. Perhaps it was a bit too much work for one person, but I was determined to have it done. =)

Back to Nova parents always pick up souvenirs for the family. My mom knows I love everything handmade, and especially pottery. She ended up finding the beauty of all beauties. She loved it so much that she couldn't just give me one, so she had to buy one for herself too.

Isn't it divine? It is from Ostrea Lake Pottery in Nova Scotia by Deborah Wheeler.

It looks so beautiful with a blending of blues and red to create this purple effect throughout. I've never seen a pottery mug with a gorgeous engraved flower design. I was so nervous using it, but I don't like having mugs just for show either. So this morning I took it out on our patio as the weather is nice today and had some delicious tea to start my day before I begin working in my studio.

It appears that Ostrea Lake Pottery has more of a physical presence in Nova Scotia than an online presence, so if you ever visit Nova Scotia, you should definitely check them out =)

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Gifting Celebrity Stars Part 1

Lots of excitement has been had at Sahetah's Jewelry. This past spring and summer has been very busy, and we are ready to share with you our exciting adventure in our blog.

So if you haven't been following our fanpage these past few months, then this will be exciting news for you too!

Sahetah's Jewelry Gifted Celebrity Star Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad 2009

Lauren Conrad is known for her roles in movies and shows such as The Hills, and Life Happens and won four Teen Choice Awards. She doesn't stop at acting however, as she's also a fashion designer and loves creating DIY fashion videos on her website.

So what did I gift this wonderfully talented actress this past spring?

The Aquarius Necklace

Whenever I gift a celebrity, a lot of thought is put into the type of design that will be chosen. I want the celebrities to enjoy wearing my designs as much as I enjoy making them.

I decided to pamper Lauren Conrad with this gorgeous Feminine Steampunk necklace created with exquisite green Chinese crystals with a luxurious brass pocket watch valued at $350 CAN. Layers of crystals create an elegant statement piece for a very special woman, and I hope that she enjoys this handmade design.

So will we see Lauren Conrad sporting this gorgeous necklace? Who knows, but she has it in her possession and one day I hope she'll rock the day away in our fabulous design.

Stay tuned for more celebrity gifting reveals and check out our fanpage for more updates!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Finding Time to Relax

Looking for a little R&R that wont leave you feeling guilty? Not only is resting and rejuvenating good for the soul, but you can make resting guilt free by supporting handmade artists and local businesses that will leave you feeling refreshed and good about yourself.


 Taking breaks is important. A break shouldn't be filled with other tasks for different projects, but a moment you take completely for yourself. Your body can only handle so much and you can begin to wear yourself down by working overtime. Your mind needs a break, and working with constant stress and little rest will not keep you on top of your game.

A mentally refreshed and rejuvenated individual can achieve greater things in brighter spirits than someone who works non-stop who becomes grumpy and quick tempered. But where do you take these breaks?

Bend the World

Life doesn't always give you opportunities to take breaks. You have to bend the world around you to fit breaks in. Perhaps your baby has finally decided to take her nap and this is your chance to get some housework done. However, perhaps the housework can wait today so that you can focus on  you. Sometimes you have a boss that relies on your skills all the time, and when you have a day off he keeps calling you back in. Sometimes you need to say 'no' because you wont be of much good if you are living in a whirlwind of stress.

At-home jobs are never ending. It is more important than ever if you run your own business to take breaks. Working for someone, you have a few set amount of tasks you get done every day, and it is your boss who is accountable for the business. As your own boss, you are accountable for everything, and all the tasks that require a business to function are weighed on your shoulders. Sadly, there are no little, magical elves that come out at night to do your work for you.

Trust me, I checked.

Stress can cost you your job!

Take it from me, as I nearly lost my job if it wasn't for the fact that it was already the last day on the job before I moved to another town. The stress of three roommates who decided our condo would be a geek party house for 4 days out of the week left me with little sleep. On top of that, guess who they wanted help to clean the mess their friends left behind? Me!

On top of that, I was now moving to take care of my grandfather, with zero experience. Working nearly full time and little rest, the stress was overwhelming me at work. I used to excel at working a cash register and I would be top choice to keep things running smoothly while supervisors had meetings. The stress worked me so hard that it was like I couldn't get anything right and suddenly I'm being hit with written up notifications that I better get my act together or I'll be fired.

Living with my grandfather away from people my age (is it strange that I don't like parties and the usual craziness of young people?) is certainly far more relaxing in many ways than living in that condo. It's just me and him here and a couple of pets. Except now I have two jobs - taking care of my grandfather and running a business and both can become overwhelming and stressful if I don't find some 'me' time.

Find your quiet place!

The solution to all this is very simple. Take a break. You can't just go anywhere to relax. Face it, not everywhere is relaxing. Sitting in the kitchen will probably remind you that you need to make dinner and you may not know what to cook or the dishes are dirty and the floor needs some polishing. Step away from your common places at home and find a spot away from your daily routine. If it's great weather outside, go sit on the patio or even the steps to the front door. 

Surrounding yourself in fresh air, sunlight and greenery is far more rejuvenating than sitting indoors. The stress seems to fade away when surrounded by nature.

We aren't meant to stay indoors all day. The body needs the fresh air. You can create a beautiful space to relax in too. Some may call this indulging yourself, and yes it is. Because 'you' are important. If you forget about taking care of 'you' then everything in your life will suffer.

So go outside and take a break. Relax and kick your feet up.

Stay tuned on ways to create a beautiful relaxing space guilt free with handmade.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Relaxing Tuesdays With The Help Of Handmade

It has been a long day for me, and it's one of those evenings where you really need to kick up the heels and forget about anymore work or cleaning.Well, frankly I didn't clean today, that was yesterday.

Despite still being young, a trip downtown for a couple hours for a doctor check-up is all I can handle. For us Artisans, the spring is perhaps the season where we are now kicking ourselves into high gear, preparing for all those craft shows where we will spend long hours on our feet. For those 8-12 hours at the show we'll spend many blissful moments meeting new people, sharing experiences and helping to find that perfect handmade design they are looking for.

For that reason I love craft shows, but the laborious days and weeks before a craft show is not something I look forward too.

If you are like me, once you are at the show, you're bounding with endless energy and cheer.

But right now, the hard work of preparing and running my grandfather back and forth from hospital visits is wearing me down, so lets see what I can find in my Etsy Feed that can help one relax....

California Coast The Mermaid's Rock
By lucysnowephotography

This beautiful print just makes you want to step outside and be transported to this calming beach and lean back in your chic outdoor chairs by a warm fire. I can almost remember the smell of fresh, salty air from the beaches of Nova Scotia.

What is even better is when you have distant neighbors so you can't hear them partying. Instead, all you can hear is the waters lapping at the sandy beach. Maybe take an evening stroll through the cool waters to wet your feet.

bamboo hemp convertible travel dress by

Perhaps you would be wearing a comfy yet urban chic travel dress, perfect to take a stroll through the waters and not worry about rolling up your pant legs. Gracefully clutching the dress in one hand you will be walking like Cinderella across the sand. Better yet, we can add your man into the picture, whispering words of endearment in your ear.

Vintage Shawl - Knitted Wrap
by labiblioteca

 If you have ever been to the ocean and stood on the sandy beaches, you know there is a cool breeze. When the sun sets it becomes even more chilly. Having a nice shawl to help keep warm by the fire will keep you comfortable so you can enjoy the midnight air to the fullest. 

Ivory barefoot sandals
by Lasunka

To complete this visionary moment, feet that love to be bare to wiggle in the sand may love some cottage chic decorations with some knit barefoot sandals.

Now relax, kick your feet up and close your eyes. Somewhere out there, you are relaxing by that dream beach listening to the waves...far away from the dreary everyday life.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sahetah's Jewelry Gifting the Press at the GBK's MTV Movie Awards

Not everyone gets the chance to gift celebrities and showcase their work at gift lounges honoring award shows such as the Golden Globes. Such a moment for an Artist can never be replaced and the memory will always be cherished.

In January, The Artisan Group featured our Victoria Necklace at the GBK's Golden Globes celebrity gift lounge at the L'Ermitage hotel. Those two days with my necklace on display, being touched and admired by celebrities was a day that took my breath away. I barely got any sleep those nights.

The Victoria Necklace certainly had its moment in the spotlight. Both Callie Thorne of "Necessary Roughness" and Pat O'Brien of "Access Hollywood" posed with the Victoria Necklace.

These celebs, including nearly a hundred more went home with The Artisan Group swag bags which included our hand dyed Lucite flower earrings in various colors.

The buzz around the Golden Globes lasted for weeks and was the talk of my booth at the Made By Hand Show on April 21st.

Sahetah's Jewelry booth at the Made By Hand Show

So what is in store for Sahetah's Jewelry in May? The GBK's MTV Movie Awards Gift Lounge!

This time, Sahetah's Jewelry will be gifting the Press at this fabulous event. The press deserve some pampering too don't you think?

Sahetah's Jewelry has created a gorgeous necklace to be gifted in the Press Gift Bags. This time our focus was on our line of Feminine Steampunk necklaces.

With a little bit of whimsy and inspiration by years long past, designer Melissa Arnold created the Limited Edition Cecelia Necklace (currently on our etsy shop).

This necklace has been created with stunning blue and white crystals featuring a small brass pocket watch and a cute dragonfly toggle.

The steampunk genre has mainly focused on the masculinity of the Victorian Era. Sahetah's Jewelry brings back the romantic and feminine flare of the old tradition of wearing elaborate pocket watches as necklaces.

These necklaces are not for those who are shy at heart. This necklace is looking for a woman who loves glamor and serious 'wow' factor.

The Press are in for a treat. This necklace is valued at $135.00CAN and ten of them have been made for this event.

Would you like your own necklace that was designed for this wonderful occasion? These necklaces are made-to-order and will be shipped to your front door in the beautiful box you can see above. Just contact me at or visit my website for the listing at:

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Featuring Lucite Flower Jewelry Designs by Sahetah's Jewelry

Beautiful, vintage inspired designs created by Melissa Arnold with hand dyed and air brushed Lucite flowers. Want to see more or take add one of these lovelies to your collection? 

Visit us at...


Sahetah's Jewelry Presenting a Sneak Peek of the Feminine Steampunk Collection

Delve into a world entranced with beauty and sophistication. Behold our Feminine Steampunk collection featuring elaborate pocket watches in Victorian and modern inspired designs. All this glam could be yours. 

You can own your very own handmade Limited Edition or One-Of-A-Kind necklace and receive an exclusive Authenticity card signed by our Designer. Melissa Arnold's work has also been featured with The Artisan Group at the GBK's Golden Globes Gift Lounge in 2012.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Heart Pocket Watch, Heart Necklace, Flower Necklace Pink Necklace, Brass Necklace, Victorian Style Necklace, Vintage Style Necklace - $35.00

Ah me! Her swan-white throat, her strong chin,

Her fresh laughing mouth which daily seems to say,

"Come kiss me, love, kiss me once again! ~ Author Unknown (13th Century)

Why do we keep our hearts in our chest and out of sight? Wear it around your neck for the world to see. This stunning heart pocket watch is made of antique brass, accented with a beautiful Lucite flower charm, han...

Click Here to Visit My Etsy Shop!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Cyan Blue Flower Bookmark, Lucite Flower Bookmark, Bookmarks for Books - $18.00

This lovely, vintage style bookmark is a great bookmark for your collection. Set those e-readers aside and enjoy this hand dyed Lucite flower bookmark. Each flower is layered with copper and brass flowers and wrapped in antique brass with added shimmer from Indicolite Swarovski crystals. Each flower is suspended on elegant brass chain attached to the brass shepherd hook.

Click Here to Visit My Etsy Shop!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Sahetah's Jewelry Gifting Celebs at the GBK Golden Globes Gift Lounge with The Artisan Group

It was a wonderful experience having my work featured with The Artisan Group at the GBK Golden Globes Gift Lounge. It was a long journey in preparing for this event. I had decided to create 100 pairs of hand dyed Lucite flower earrings to be gifted to the celebrities in the swag bags The Artisan Group would be handing out. The swag bags would include a huge array of gifts all individually wrapped by the Artists.

I wasn't going to create just one color of earrings. Instead I gifted out a huge array of colors, from pinks, blues, white, purple and orange. Tess Hunt touched many Artist's hearts as she opened up her Swag from The Artisan Group on cam. Tess Hunt opened each and every gift, thanking each Artist. Unlike big companies, Artists live to create joy and happiness with their work, and to see the joy on Tess's face was a priceless moment none of the Artists will ever forget.

For a sneak peak of all the gifts given to the Celebs valued at a total over $800, I encourage you to watch this full video, and if you like something you can contact to find the Artist who created that piece.

At approx. 3:30min into the video, you will find Sahetah's Jewelry's hand dyed Lucite flower earrings. It just so happens, out of the many variety of colors that were made for the swag bags, Tess Hunt was gifted the blue Sapphire earrings.

Thank You Artisan Group from Tess Hunt on Vimeo.

Raphael Sbarge of the new and awesome TV Series "Once Upon A Time" and his girl friend were so thrilled with the gifts they received they featured our work on a online magazine called "Things To Love Right Now". You can see the feature here:

Want to see all the twitter love the Celebs sent us? Click this link to see what the Celebs wrote back to the Artists.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Artisan Group at the GBK Golden Globes Gift Lounge

There is sooo much to tell about what happened on those two glorious days at the GBK Golden Globe Gift Lounge, but I can only fit so much into one blog post. So here is the first of several features of this awesome event!

This past weekend has been truly amazing, and many Artists who have worked hard for these past 4-5 months sat at the edge of their seats with bated breath, to hear about all the excitement happening at the GBK Production's Golden Globes Celebrity Gift Lounge.

Many celebrities came out to have a wonderful time under a perfect clear sky in Beverly Hills on the rooftops of the L'Ermitage Hotel. Celebrities included wonderful Tess Hunt and Josh Sussman, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Jeremy Irons, Rico Rodriguez and his sister Raini Rodriguez, Angus T. Jones, Gabriel Mann, Connor Paolo, Nick Wechsler, and of course many more.

Valerie Guerrero and Nikki Cutro represented the many Artists that participated in this celebrity event, speaking with many celebrities and press and gifted celebrities with their very own Swag valued over $800 and a sampling of products to the Press.

Though I plan on sharing with you the exciting news about my own work featured at this amazing event, I will first show you some of the videos and press The Artisan Group received during those two days.

The Artisan Group received a short interview at the event by Mingle Media.

This exciting event gave Jenny Jafek Jones of The Crimson Poppy a well deserved interview on her amazing talent designing stunning paper flowers in bouquets and arrangements. 

Here is a sneak peak at the GBK Production's Golden Globes Gift Lounge on the rooftop of the L'Ermitage Hotel that feature's GBK's very own Lovely and Patrick the Security Guard to welcome us in!

Now stay tuned for more awesome reveals from the GBK Golden Globe Gift Lounge!!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

What's it Like to be a Crafter!

This is a wonderful video I discovered this morning with the help of friends on my fanpage. If you have ever wondered what it is like to be a Crafter and step into their shoes for a day - here is a video that will do just that!

You can of course check out these funky Artists on their blog.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Golden Globes Hype

Before the Golden Globes, there are Luxury Lounges in honor of the Celebrity Nominees and Presenters with all kinds of products from different businesses. One such Luxury Lounge hosted by GBK Productions at the L'Ermitage Hotel will include The Artisan Group featuring my Victoria Necklace alongside many other talented Artisan Member's products.

I can't believe after so many months of preparation and anticipation that the Golden Globes is just a week away. I have to stop and take a breath and realize that since September I have worked hard towards next weekend.

Looking back, it has been quite the ride. This was the first time I've participated in a Celebrity event. You can't imagine the stress and crazy things that happened on the way to having my gorgeous Feminine Steampunk necklace on display. I also had to make 100 pairs of hand dyed Lucite flower earrings for the Swag bags to be gifted to the celebrities.

That's right, I had to create 100 pairs of earrings, tag them, box them up, put stickers on each 100 boxes then wrap each box before boxing the boxes and shipping it to California to later be shipped to Beverly Hills.

I had originally planned on having my earrings ready a month early, and I began my orders early in October for the Lucite flowers. I made my first order of 100 Lucite flowers from my supplier (who does an amazing job dying these Lucite flowers) to make it easier for her instead of one BIG order.

About 3 weeks later I was ready to make my second order...but my supplier disappeared. So I waited a few weeks...and then find out that she had a flood that destroyed her home and much of her work so she wouldn't be able to open shop till in 2012 when repairs were done.

So I had to quickly find a replacement for the other 50 pairs of earrings. I made a small order from a lady, liked her work and then made the huge order for the event and paid for speedy shipping....a shipment that never came.

In the meantime I have a huge craft show I am preparing for, and I'm behind in work, and a store that has sold out of my Jewelry and wants more asap! Not to mention that every year I participate in National Novel Writing Month to write 50,000 words from November 1 to 30th. You can find some published and well known Authors who also participate in this event and I'm sure they excelled - however I so did not. Too much stuff on my hands, however I did write 25,000 words to a story that I read at the TGIO Party. People loved it so much that after the reading, they came to personally tell me and wanted continued updates on it....but I've had no time to continue writing.

All of the above happened in one month. November. The month I needed to create the last 50 pairs of earrings. Every day I'd be staring at the open box of all the shiny black boxes that were waiting to be filled. My days would often start at 5 or 6 in the morning to try and keep everything together and all of my projects moving forwards.

So...The clock is ticking as it is close to December now and Nanowrimo is near finished and I'm still short the last 100 lucite flowers, so I have to hurriedly order from yet ANOTHER Artisan who dyes Lucite flowers. Luckily...with 3 weeks to spare, I get the flowers and begin making approx. 15 pairs at a time which takes approx. 5-6 hrs each batch.

I've had ribbon ready to wrap the boxes once I stuck SJ stickers on each box...and then found out that I had not enough ribbon...and only 1 week left to finish.

I took my grandfather to the mall and had delicious coffee and a bite of lunch before searching madly through the stores trying to sniff out the perfect ribbon. I just wanted gold tone ribbon...not paper ribbon...nice ribbon!

I came out empty handed.

Panicked- it's the last day to ship without worrying about delivery and my brain is about to explode. The buses are on strike so I can't get over to Micheal's which is out of town and too far for a taxi. Well my Mother came down with dad to finally put the new tiles down in Grampa's hallway, so mom and I zoomed over to Micheal's first thing in the morning to buy 2 dozen rolls of ribbon. I went straight home, wrapped the last 51 boxes and then packaged them all up to be shipped.  In a giant line at the post office, I'm out of breath, tired and I empty my pocket to expedite the heavy boxes off to Valerie who expertly packed the Swag bags with all the Artisan Group goodies, including my earrings.

But of course, I cannot forget the necklace. I probably took about 30 pictures of it before I got the right photos to be selected for the Event Guide.

 The Event Guide for the Golden Globes Gift Lounge looks superb, and I highly suggest checking it out. It displays all the handmade products that will be on display including a short bio of each artist. You will not be disappointed.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Hey Nerds, It's Time To Gather!

I know this is a little off topic, but its screaming from inside my inner geek brain and has to come out. (Yes, I'm a geek girl at heart)

I'm throwing some geek your way, and a forewarning for non-geeks.

If you are currently residing inside a coffee house, enjoying your hot beverage and browsing on your ipads, it is time to run under the tables and hide, or find the nearest exit. The Empire is coming to a coffee house near you!!

The target? Rebel spies have informed me they believe the coffee house in particular is a Starbucks. I do not know where they got this information from, but just in case, I'm bringing my lightsaber the next time I go out for coffee. Those Stormtroopers are not getting a one-up on me!


By posting this on my facebook, it has sparked more geekery than I can handle while holding hot coffee in my hands that I procured via my own toxin percolating machine in case the Empire is already landing their vessels outside Starbucks.

So here is what my hilarious friend Tristan had to add to this ambitious coffee house bombardment by the Empire.

Tristan: "Until this coffee shop is fully operational, we are vulnerable. The Tim Horton's Alliance is too many doughnuts, they're more tastier than you realize."

"Any coffees made by the Timmies would be a useless beverage. We are now the most Steamed Mocha Latte Brewingist Coffee Store in the world. I suggest we use them."

"Don't be too proud of your technilogical percolator. The ability to steam a liquid is insignificant next to the power of the froth."

And so, as Heather said. "May the Froth be with you!"