Friday, May 31, 2013

Friday Dinner Date Outfit Idea

This outfit idea features our Feminine Steampunk necklace in bold turquoise and our hand enameled Lucite flower charm bracelet. We've put together a collection to create a complete outfit as a great idea or inspiration to make your evening fabulous!

Friday Dinner Date Outfit Idea with Sahetah's Jewelry

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This collection features...

Feminine Steampunk Necklace in Turquoise

Enameled Lucite Flower Charm Bracelet

Outfit Ideas with Sahetah's Jewelry Light Purple Collection

Outfit Ideas in mauve!

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This collection Features...

Mauve Lucite Flower Earrings by Sahetah's Jewelry

Maroon Pearl and Mauve Czech Beaded Bracelet by Sahetah's Jewelry

Saturday, May 4, 2013

My Friday Etsy Finds - Artful Inclinations

We handmade Artists on Etsy sometimes get caught up in what we do - I know I do. Sometimes it's great to go exploring and take a break to see what other Artists are designing and crafting. We explore new ideas and concepts driven by our passion and need to create. We are inspired by the simplest things that can take us far beyond into magical territory.

This morning on a trip through the Etsy land, I've found Artful Inclinations

The work of Artful Inclinations is made by two artists, Shelly and Joy. It's a fusion of Steampunk and Goth along with some very ethereal Elvish elements.

I'm sure that as we speak, they are rocking their State in CA with their astounding work. Surprisingly however, their work is undiscovered on Etsy. I don't think such wonderful talent should be hidden from the online market. So if you love the work you'll see, please LIKE and share their shop and fanpage on your fanpages, twitter and blogs :)

Here's just a few beautiful pieces I'd love to share from their shop. If you love what you see just click on the image to be taken to the listing. Enjoy!

Alabaster Berry - silver plate, chalcedony, and sculpey brooch

Filigree Clematis - jasper, brass, and sculpey pendant

Both the brooch and the pendant are beautiful, fairy-like creations. Artful Inclinations beholds a variety of brooches and pendants that you must see for yourself. These unique looks will really stand out, and if you know me - I love unique, one-of-a-kind looks! You'll find exactly that with Artful Inclinations!

Below features both Steampunk and Gothic necklaces and bracelets with very talented wire-wrapping techniques.


Keepsake - chinese crystal, prehnite, and peridot steampunk necklace

Adealia's Necklace - brass and amber steampunk necklace


Clock Maker's Bracelet - copper and brass riveted steampunk bracelet


Artful Inclinations,

Etsy Shop

Do you love their work? Comment below and tell us which is your favorite piece from their shop!