Thursday, December 29, 2011

New Romantic Style Bookmarks

I've had many customers in person and online who loved my charm bookmarks that I made a year ago, but with my new style I no longer sold these bookmarks. So I started to sell them this past summer at a discount at craft shows. I've been requested a few times to design a custom bookmark from fans, so I've finally decided to create a new line of bookmarks for my amazing customers who have helped me stay enthusiastic and driven to keep making by hand.

So I present to you my lovely and romantic hand dyed Lucite flower bookmarks.

also in my Etsy Shop

These collectible bookmarks are an elegant design for the ladies who love to read. Nothing is more beautiful and feminine than these hand dyed Lucite flowers to express your feminine side and your love of reading. Snuggle up in your favorite chair, put those book reading techno gadgets aside and enjoy the classic way of reading men and women have done for centuries. Flip through those wonderful pages filled with inspiration, imagination and love without losing your page - unless you have a cat who loves dangling things.

I have loved nothing more than to hold a book...a work of fiction and an imaginative story piece from a wonderful story teller in my hands. These new e-reading tools and gadgets like Ipads in no way pay tribute to these fantastical writers. It does not replace the amazing experience of walking into a bookstore with thousands of books and works of art. Just think of how much one bookstore holds of stories and words of thousands of hours spent writing and rewriting until the author reached perfection. Of all the different faces behind each book and the experiences they lived that led them to write. I want to hold that in my hands. I want to hold the wonderful stories they tell in my hands, and start the experience by visiting a bookstore.

also in my Etsy Shop

Just think - through the centuries writers have been penning, scribbling, scratching out words, rewriting, drawing and imagining wonderful worlds and fairy tales to temporarily transport us from this dismal world and into another. Sometimes these imaginative worlds sound so horrifying and the characters tortured beyond belief that we are grateful to be able to sit in our comfy chair with a roof over our head - whether it be our home, or a library instead of on some alien planet filled with slavers who eat you if you aren't good enough to sell to other aliens. (I have not been reading the Stardoc series again, i swear)

One of my favorite things about owning and reading books is that the artwork is right there. I love art. Having a digital version of the artwork does it no justice. It was meant to be showcased with the novel where everyone can see it. Most importantly, an Author always dreams about having their work in print and walking into a bookstore and seeing their work on the shelves. It gives them a sense of accomplishment. That after the 6 months to -2 years of writing and then editing, revising, publishing and printing....they get to 'see' their fruits of their labor as they walk into a bookstore.

So I myself will always buy a book and flip through the glorious pages that I can touch with my hands and travel on an amazing journey, and keep it in style with these bookmarks.

also on my Etsy Shop

Visit my new website at
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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Sahetah’s Jewelry to be Featured in Luxury Gift Lounge in Honor of the The 2012 Golden Globes Nominees and Presenters

We're excited to announce Sahetah’s Jewelry, in association with The Artisan Group, will be featured on January 13-14, 2012 at a luxury Gift Lounge hosted by GBK Productions at the L'Ermitage Hotel in Beverly Hills, California, in honor of The 2012 Golden Globes Nominees and Presenters.

Our Limited Edition Victoria necklace will be prominently featured on display at The Artisan Group's exhibit, and all attending celebrities will receive our hand dyed Lucite flower earrings in their swag bags. This event will also be attended by over 75 media outlets.

To learn more about Sahetah’s Jewelry and our products, or our participation in GBK Productions' Gift Lounge, visit call 1-647-866-4253, or email

Melissa Arnold, Sahetah's Jewelry’s sole proprietor, is a resident of Richmond Hill, Ontario.

For press inquiries regarding The Artisan Group, please visit or email

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Announcing the Winner of the Giveaway!

From the 'draw of a hat' Jamie Johnson of The 7th Crow has won these delectable earrings, hand dyed and made with love.  I hope she will enjoy these for a very long time, just as I enjoyed making them.

 This is a big THANK YOU to everyone for sharing my website and participating in my giveaway.

Looking for a different kind of Steampunk jewelry that's not boring and massively duplicated? Check out my website at Sahetah's Jewelry for OOAK designs you wont find anywhere else!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Today's Finds

I love horses, and so I just have to share this print of two horses. It looks like the one is giving a smooch to the other. It is so adorable!!

Props to the photographer Maximonstertje for catching these two lovebirds at the perfect moment. Would you like to learn more about this print or perhaps add it to your collection? Just click the picture!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Online Giveaway to Celebrate the Launch of our New Website!

You heard right! Sahetah's Jewelry is proud to present to you our very own website that we can call home.

And to celebrate we are having a Giveaway! How to get in on this Giveaway you ask? Well, simply share our new website on your facebook or twitter and then comment to this post with the link to where you shared it. You will then be entered into a random draw on the 15th of December to win one of these blue hand dyed lucite flower earrings.

Back in September when I was evaluating my Etsy Shop after it's first year of being live, I had made some plans and blueprints for a website design. My "bestest" buddy in the world Chris Gorman of Gorman's Menswear and myself had a lovely chit-chat over coffee about a design for a website. I remember the excitement and anticipation to actually see my work showcased on my own website. I was excited to take that step up the ladder. Now, finally I can show off what we have been working on for the past month. Our brains are fried from all the hard work, but here it is - Sahetah's Jewelry.

Check it out and tell us what you think. See any bugs? Please let us know!

Of course I still sell on etsy.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Sahetah's Jewelry to Gift Zooey Deschanel

I am very excited to share with you some wonderful news. I am one of the 40 members of The Artisan Group that will be gifting Zooey Deschanel, the star of the new series "New Girl" with our handmade products. She'll be receiving this lovely package of handmade goods, made with love from The Artisan Group within the first week of December.

So what will wonderfully talented Zooey Deschanel be receiving from Sahetah's Jewelry?

Zooey will be receiving a beautiful blue and lavender tone lariat necklace. This necklace is made with hand dyed Lucite flowers and comes with a matching pair of earrings inside a cutesy gift box.

And here is a clear view of the necklace.

This necklace is part of a new line in my shop. The second of its kind can be found here!

Friday, September 30, 2011

The Artisan Group Gift Guide!

Holiday Gift Guide

The Artisan Group is a collection of Artists who participate in Celebrity Gifting Events for Award Ceremonies such as the Oscars and Golden Globes. Many of the Artists have had their product in the hands of Celebrities!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

More Than Metal Show Recap

More Than Metal Show was such an eye-opener to the amazing talent we have in Toronto. It was located at The Women's Art Association of Canada house. The event was such an inspiration and what a joy it was to be a part of it. I met some familiar faces and amazing people.  It is not often to see a Jewelry exclusive event and just to see the wide range of talent, ideas and creativity was such a delight.

I had the chance to sit beside Odile of Woolly Fabulous who works with recycled materials making felt and zipper broaches. Odile is very talented with tons of positive energy and interesting tales to tell. She is always working with something new and outside of the box. Her creativity goes beyond her zipper broaches.

I ran into Vera Fischer who I had met years ago at Value Village. At the time I never understood why she collected antique jewelry. At the Show the reason was revealed. She designs gorgeous wire wrapped jewelry using antique jewelry that she collects and gives it a new purpose. Her presence at the show was uplifting and she brightened the room wherever she walked. Her designs were unique and beautiful. They are truly OOAK, and can never be repeated.

Another wonderful lady I met at the More Than Metal Show was Irena Pertseva of Black Currant Jewelry. A soft spoken woman, ready with a smile and talent that will shock you. Her wire wrapping techniques are astounding, creating intricate designs and elaborate pieces. Her rings were astounding to see. They beheld the tiniest of weaves that I didn't think were possible. Her most beautiful work I have to say are her Phoenix Necklaces.

Lastly, the unique creations of Ola Fumilayo who also orchestrated this event with help from volunteers. Under My Secret Music Box, she designs these intricate and delicate pieces into functioning and lovely sounding music boxes. Each are OOAK and behold a vintage feel. She uses 18 note Japanese Mechanisms and vintage pieces for her designs. Ola spent so much time catering the event and ensuring everyone was having a good time that she barely stopped at her table - and a great event it was!

The More Than Metal Show was busier than I had anticipated so I was unable to visit and spend time with everyone at the Show, but everyone at the Show was very talented. There was a wide variety of styles under one roof. Every Artist was local to Toronto. It was a huge joy to be among creative people who enjoy doing the same thing - designing jewelry - and they do it so well!

Thanks to Ola Fumilayo and Helen Kontozopoulos, photos of the event were taken to forever keep it in our memories. If you did not come to this year's event, hopefully we will see you next year. Until then, enjoy the photos on Flickr and go see the Artist's work on their websites and buy handmade!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Two New Steampunk Designs!

I posted these on Flickr, but I want to share them here too!

One of the joys I've discovered is working with Pocket Watches. I have always admired and loved Steampunk, but it was only recently that I begun to delve into this beautiful fantasy world filled with enchanting and inspiring designs.

I have been timid at first in my designs, working with single chains and small glass stones and swarovski crystals. This design was a leap for me, and I am delighted how it turned out.

Isabella Steampunk Pocket Watch Layered Choker Necklace

This necklace was a delight to make. I spent 4 wonderful hours creating this piece using upcycled chain that have been waiting nearly a whole year for a purpose. A year ago I would never have thought it would have turned from an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan design (a swan with a pocket watch).

I love how this necklace hangs on the neck. A full hour was spent just making sure it hung just right. Some elements had to be taken away to make the composition perfect.

This is a close up of the beautiful lattice work on the Pocket Watch. The Pocket Watch really finishes this look, and it just wouldn't be a complete necklace without it.

This design is the start of something new as my creativity expands. I am constantly inspired and looking at what else I can do. I love working with Pocket Watches and taking something masculine and working with a masculine saturated style (steampunk) and making something feminine and unique. This specific design is not as feminine as my designs using lucite flowers.

You can find this necklace on my shop here: Isabella Layered Steampunk Choker on Etsy

Victorian Goddess - Lariat Heart Locket Vintage Style Necklace

I loved creating this design. It is a new design for me. I started with the idea of using a toggle to hold a centerpiece and open at the front instead of behind the neck. The idea grew into this beautiful design. 

 I love working with antique brass, and this beautiful heart locket was looking for a home. I originally had a simple design in mind, but after discovering these beautiful chunky, high quality glass stones and beautiful, large toggle - this design began to form in my mind.

I tried this technique of clustering beautiful, small stones together atop another big stone. Since I am self taught, I refused to research this technique, and instead problem solved it in my head. Then I quickly realized how simple the technique was.

I was skeptical at first of adding this element into this design. I was worried it would become too busy when I wanted the pendant to be the focal point. I decided to just try it and see, and I think it came out beautifully. I am glad I decided to take the leap.

You can find this necklace here: Victorian Goddess Necklace on Etsy

These are my two newest designs. I am very proud of them, and there will be more in the foreseeable future. 

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

More Than Metal: Melissa Arnold

More Than Metal: Melissa Arnold: "Work by Melissa Arnold Artist Bio: Melissa delved into art from a very young age, from ink drawings, ske..."

Monday, June 20, 2011

More Than Metal: More Than Metal is a love letter to jewellery love...

More Than Metal: More Than Metal is a love letter to jewellery love...: "More Than Metal is a love letter to jewellery lovers and designers in Toronto. This show gathers the best of one of a kind jewellery in Toronto made with a diversity of mediums, including metals, wood, clay, bead, lost and found objects, paper, glass, fiber, and gathers them in a multiplicity of styles – all for one day under one roof.

When: Sunday July 10 2011 - 11-4PM
Where: 23 Prince Arthur Ave. (at Bloor & Avenue Rd) - The Women's Art Association of Canada house

Come to the More Than Metal Show to see me and other great Artists!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Shipwrecks and Bravery at Craftstock2

It was a great event, small and not too stressful at all. In fact it was very fun, and there were lots of really cool people. I met some great crafty and innovative people who also set up shop, splitting tables and enjoying deeeeelicious cookies from CookieFridayco as people listened to some really great, local indie bands and singers.

I will introduce you to each Vendor, but for today I want you to meet a very special girl named Tara!

I got to sit beside this wonderful crafter in silk screening, textiles and knitting who came a long way for this fun event! Hard times has really hit her good, without a job and taking care of an elderly lady . She came to this event with less than 20 bucks to her name and only wished she could make enough to cover her fare home. None of which cramped her style, she had a cheerful demeanor, friendly and funny and she was certainly great company. Her lovely work can be found at

Through all this excitement, I had left behind a gorgeous pink coffee cup cozy. I was too busy thinking about 'what to get a man?' and 'I'm soooooo hungry I have to eat all those cookies!!!' that I forgot to get something that I think is PERFECT for my sensitive fingers because I can't STAND coffee cups. They burn my hands, even when I double cup. (sorry eco-lovers I just can't help it, coffee cups really do give me burns but I do recycle) So here Tara has the perfect solution.

And here it is - the one I left behind!! =(

Here is her lovely set up right beside mine! I love her robust and crafty look. Something I could never achieve!! You can see the collection of Coffee Cozies of such a beautiful variety ready to be used! One gentlemen thought he could use it for his guitar, but for the moment, they are not for guitars!! (sorry guitar lovers you cannot cozy your guitar)

People loved these pins. They are wonderful gifts, and the compass and anchor were the favorites.

note: Compass pin does not actually give directions

Please check out her shop and consider one of these lovelies as a gift for yourself or a friend!

Tara was a lovely girl and I was so glad to have met her, she was a joy to sit beside when the crowds were busy with the bands and beer. I'm hoping I'll run into her again soon! =)

Monday, June 13, 2011

Look Out!

Lots of new items will appear in my Shop. I made so many wonderful treats for Craftstock and some of them will soon be available in my shop! Here is a sneak peak of some items you'll see soon!!

Aqua Steampunk Victorian Girl Necklace

Pink and Purple Swirl Steampunk Pocket Watch Necklace

And here are a few things that sold at the Craftstock event!!!

Dyed Agate Steampunk Pocket Watch Necklace

Vintage Pink Victorian Heart Locket

The Craftstock Indie Event was amazing! Can't wait to share with you all some amazing talented people out there. Keep your eyes open for a post about the Crafstock Event!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

So Excited!!

Lots of fun things have been happening lately. How do I fit it all in one post?

To start, I got accepted into an amazing group called the 'Artisan Group' that participates in the 'gift lounges' for Celebrities after things like the Oscars and the Emmy Awards. I just presented them with some of my jewelry from my 'Victorian Romance' Collection which is a growing collection of street wear and urban jewelry with a Victorian and Vintage feel.


At the time they were full up on reservations for the Primetime Emmy Awards in September, but turns out a few weeks later they had a few spots open for people to submit their business cards for the swag bags the celebrities receive as gifts. So I have reserved a spot, and as we speak some wonderful new business cards are being designed just for this occassion - except I love the design sooo much that I think it will become my main business card too! Who knows, perhaps even a banner!

Secondly, I have an amazing, AMAZING dog named Tasha. I submitted a photo with Sympatico and explained a little bit about why she's so amazing and she's been nominated as one of the dogs they'll consider for a spot, and so I've got work to do in filling out a questionnaire and finding a pretty picture of the two of us. This is the picture I've selected, and hopefully it is a seller!!

Tasha and Me

And lastly, in relation to the wonderful business card being made for me, I had to use a flat white background...and my new LED portable lights that I'll be using at the venue made such great photos. Some could use some brightening still, but they look lovely.

The real trick?

I discovered this FASCINATING online photo uploader called Picnik which you can use to edit your photos. It has auto-fix options which work WONDERS! I have amazing photos now for my shop. So beautiful, I just have to show them off!

And don't forget, these lovelies are ALL going to the venue this weekend where hundreds of people will be pawing and drooling over singers and crafters, so if there is anything you have had your eye on - you better buy it this week before the 11th. Who knows if it will be coming back home with me!


Doesn't that image look lovely? I got lucky here with the lighting. I used two LED lights and sometimes they were hard to position, and at first I thought it was too bright...but nope, it looks AMAZING!

That's all for now. It's time to get back to work and prepare for that venue and make more listings!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Fighting the negative forces!

Do you ever have a day that is determined to bring you down? Did it feel like everything you tried to do, was rebuffed by sudden and strange events that all seemed to happen coincidentally on the same day? I know I sure did, and no matter my determination to move forward and not let my smile turn upside down - it felt like the world was against me.

  Yesterday felt like 'mission impossible' just to get on through the day peacefully and unscathed. It started with much drama. It was like a  Play with terrible acting with a Director who didn't ensure the facts were correct. Regardless, you pretend that you have bought the entire story they try to sell you, and perhaps during that drama episode you might have just lost your head and completely by accident too!

Despite the terrible acting, it may have received one thumb up for moving the audience to tears!

Tears of frustration to be precise!

However I had to move on. I went out on the town to erase that bad drama from my head. I was verbally pushed out of the door for my 'better health', but I had some reservations on whether or not I should go. It wasn't a sunny fact it had been raining for 3 days and the sky was dark and gloomy threatening to rain more on us over-saturated folks. 

The weather was down right depressing.

But I am a big girl at 5'1 and decided to go out anyways. After all, I needed to make an important run to my supply shop and work on a custom Bridal necklace. I wasn't about to let a little rain or drama stand in my way. It was going to take much more than that.

Well the day started out bad, and I should have taken the hint, but apparently I did not.

The first bus I hop into seems fine and I get myself a comfy seat and relax to some amazing music by Tarja Turunen. As we come to the first of two bus terminals, several bus operators suddenly decide to congregate outside of the bus around the tires for some tea I assume. They stand and chat some lovely conversation while we sit inside and twiddle our thumbs.

Next thing I know, I can smell this strange smell...

 "Caution Stinky Load" - Baby Onesie By Sassysamz

Then I realize its gas and its all through the bus.

Everyone is being quickly ushered off the bus and onto an itty bitty bus to the city.

I normally wouldn't mind but the new bus can only hold half the people on the previous bus, and so we are squished like pickles in a jar.

Here I am thinking 'man this is turning into quite a day', but is it over yet? Of course not! :P

The subway ride home ended up being eventful too. Apparently the first car of the train I was riding was malfunctioning and so the conductor was trying to evacuate the first car. Funny enough I think I was riding in the same train earlier, and I was sitting in the first car. I noticed as we came to Union station that the car was 'grinding' on the tracks which as never happened before. It felt like it was coming off the track in fact, which made everyone a bit nervous.

Wow, a second evacuation. How ironic.

But it gets better. The night isn't over yet. Far far far from it!

The bus ride home was more relaxing. All up until we reach the terminal where the bus briefly pauses. The driver announces she is having technical difficulties...and guess what?

We have to evacuate the bus!

My legs are throbbing in pain, and the world today obviously hates me and makes me want to do this-


How can all of that possibly come to be? How is it that multiple times in one day similar events occur at different times in different areas and to the same person? Am I stuck in the Matrix and the Matrix is repeating itself? Should I be trying to find some blue and red pills? Hopefully I remember which one I shouldn't take because I really don't feel like having my eyes burned out (if you never watched the Matrix, Neo gets his eyes burned and scared over at the end of the last movie- spoiler).

I know you can't believe me as you read this! How can it be possible?

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Late Night Frenzy!

Sometimes it feels like there is a cyclone in my house, and you often think that life just can't get anymore crazy.  I often wonder to myself how I get anything done. It doesn't help that I have ADD. When I am struck with a thought or an idea or I spontaneously remember something that I'm supposed to do - I end up flying around the room from one project or chore to the next.

I never clean in the evening. When dinner is done, I'm done. I'm on strike for the rest of the evening and I wont lift a finger till morning. 

However I was hit with the cleaning bug yesterday evening and suddenly I'm whirling around the house from the bathroom to the kitchen. Working hard at the bathroom, I have to stop to grab a J-cloth to clean the sink.   Somehow on my mission to find a J-cloth I ended up doing the dishes before I remembered what it was I was looking for in the kitchen in first place.

Next thing you know, the kitchen is clean, but the bathroom is half clean. So I go get myself a bucket and start washing the bathroom floor - but OH WAIT, I forgot to scrub the toilet first. I can't do that while the floors are wet, and where is that J-cloth?

This cleaning frenzy came out of nowhere. Does this ever happen to you at odd hours? Of course once I'm all done I wonder why I'm so tired. Perhaps if I wasn't so easily distracted, I might finish chores much faster, or leave jobs half done.

And why do I do this besides the fact that I was born from the womb with a bucket and a duster in hand?

Because I gotta get paid!

Now I bet you wonder how I ever get anything done!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Victorian Princess

Following with my new collection of Jewelry called 'Victorian Romance', here is a gorgeous Treasury I made (So that the FRL Team wont kick me out) following the theme of Victorian Royalty...and what better than dreaming of being a Princess?

Victorian Princess
Starring: Flowers and Romance Lovers Team

Monday, May 2, 2011

Spring Rain giving us Spring Flowers - Spring Features

I loove Flowers, but I dread the rain that it takes in order to give us that rich green grass, and blooming trees, and the lovely tulips that only come out for one short season.

Each year I get excited to plant, and garden...but I haven't had the time in the past two years to do so, and the one year - it was too hot for them.

Hopefully this year, we'll have it right. We are finally turning the patio from storage room into a sun room - soo excited!

Of course we will fill it with plants, decorations, and FLOWERS!!

On top of my love for flowers, I've always enjoyed making pretty, colorful jewelry such as my wire weave necklaces which occasionally found flowers intertwined on them.

Now I have floral earrings and bracelet (soon to be many), made with my favorite era of all time - the Victorian Age. It has been so much fun to mae them, and as I do so I begin to create different designs with them.

Being that it is Spring, here are some lovely and ornate pieces made with floral designs and Lucite flowers!!

Midnight Rain

Summer Beaded Bracelet

Butterfly Garden Bracelet

Glamour in Dark Gray and Silver

That's today's edition of floral designs! I hope you stop by their Shops and see the rest of their lovely artistic pieces! =)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

From OnFire For Handmade - This Week's Featured Artisan

Are You On Fire for Handmade?

This weeks Featured Artisan is Jewels by Trish. Beautiful creations by a beautiful person.  Trish uses a wide variety of gemstones, pearls and crystal in her creations! You can fine Jewels by Trish on:





You can grab the code for your blog here:

Things I've learned because I look 15!

All my friends...and I do mean all...will at one point or another- point out and joke that I look like I'm 15.

"No, you look 12!" Someone else will say and laugh.

It's all fun and games I know...but there is a dark side to this.

To explain, I'm a 23 year old woman, young yes, but I'm an adult. I'm also 5'1, so I'm a petite person.

And you would think, "Well, what's wrong with that? - I'd love to look so young!"

My reply is that - "You really DON'T want to look that young!"


Because I have always had the problem of attracting the men who like...well...15yr olds...perhaps even 12yr olds. It's disgusting and it's degrading.

I don't JUST attract them. It'd be nice if all it meant was that they would stare and leer at me.

Instead, it has meant I've been stalked home, I've been followed at my heels by an older man with a knife in his hand and an extra large duffel bag across his shoulder (I scarcely got out of that one). I've had men at bus stops try and touch me, both drunk and not drunk. My petite size especially means they do not feel threatened and that I'm an easy target to overpower. I've had men pull off the highway to try and pick me up because I'm walking alone. They will talk to me and ask what classes I take in school...and when I pop out with the 'seriously? I'm not a child, I'm 23!" they are utterly shocked and in disbelief. Even a remark of 'I have pepper spray' does not deter them much as I'm so small I'm easily over powered.

So I have learned....there are INDEED predators out there, but they don't just prey on you through the interwebs - not even if you are alone. Many of these happened in broad daylight. Thankfully though I'm still here in relatively one piece.

Thankfully I also have a nice big german shepherd who is overly protective of me. If I ever feel threatened she picks up on my feelings immediately, and her happy cheery self turns into baring teeth and growling. I can walk outside again, and I will either get looks of fear because of my dog, or admiration because of my dog! I eliminate myself as a target!

I do know...even if my child is 15 - it is not safe for her to ride a bus! Traveling in twos is essential. These incidents were not all that far from each other, but because I look young and I'm a small person, I have attracted predators.

Thankfully i do not have children. I don't know how I could go on each day without worrying. Even when she is an adult!

Or I can make sure she has a nice big dog with teeth!

I would love it though...if I was allowed to bring my dog to work for THAT reason! Because it is not SAFE out there. I wish I could bring her everywhere because she is friendly to strangers - so long as you don't lunge at me or her.

So be careful out there. Because there are predators. I have to be mindful every day I'm out traveling on the bus or the subway, even walking down my own neighborhood where many of the predators approached me and it is very scary!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My Upcoming Weekly Newsletter!

Newsletters are great ways of letting others know of upcoming Sales, but more importantly, it also gives exposure for old and new Artists both well known and undiscovered. I want to feature Sites that other Artists or Buyers might be interested in!

Newsletter Goal

To get YOU noticed and to offer great deals to people who love them. I love working with Artists, and there is so much amazing talent out there that I want to share it with others. I want to feature unique talent and different and unusual work. I want to help my fellow Team Members on Etsy and show the world how awesome they are! We have holidays and we have seasons, lets share our Spring clothing, jewelry, soaps, candles, name it! There is no limit to the fun we can have!

How frequent?
I'd love this to be a twice a month Newsletter sent out on the 1st and 3rd Monday of every month. That is my goal and it is an attainable one with your help!
How do you get in on it?

Reply to me with your talent you want featured, your upcoming sale or your event by Sunday to get in on the following Monday. Room is limited on each Newsletter, so contacting me quickly is essential.
Provide me with a CLEAR crisp picture of one of the items related to your sale or your event. If you want to be featured, provide a clear and professional looking photo of yourself and tell me a little bit about yourself and your work. Do you have an event on your Blog? Provide the details with the link to the Blog Event. Link me to the item that is on sale, or to your Shop and provide your name.
Not everyone can be accepted, and I will get back to all submissions. I am looking for a variety of different products - everything handmade of course. I will not saturate the Newsletter with similar items.

I want...

- handmade
- vintage
- suppliers
- bright photos (white background only)
- crisp photos
- link to your shop (or blog for blog giveaways and events)
- what's your sale and when it starts and finishes
- coupon codes

If you want to be featured, I want...
- unique items
- hand made
- professional looking photo of you or your work area
- a paragraph about you and your work (will also be featured on my blog in greater detail)
- link to your shop 

Please contact me ONLY through these ways. (I can't chase down every social network I use to find your submission)

Or contact me through Etsy:

How do I get exposure?

Promoting of course!
Would it not be awesome to see yourself in a newsletter and share that with friends? Subscribe and shout about it to everyone, share the love! Facebook it, tweet it, stumble it, share on Etsy with your Teammates, on your own Blog and even to potential customers! With everyone sharing and loving it and seeing YOU and your work featured, they will be impressed and love you!

What is not acceptable?
I can't accept everyone as there is limited space on each Newsletter, but if I can't accept you now - I can perhaps do so later.  

What I don't want... 
- Resellers
- blurred photos
- dark photos (exceptions for featured artists as long as the image is clear)
- Shops not on Etsy or Total Art Soul 
- nude or overly provocative content
- adult toys

What will this Newsletter look like?

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Sunday, April 3, 2011

And how do you Burlesque? - Saturday's Feature

The movie Burlesque was great. I loved the dancing, there was a decent storyline but it was lacking strong, heart throbbing tragedies. It had the potential of being a stronger movie, but who cares - we were there to watch the dancing and the leg kicking.

The movie reminded me of two favorite Shops and what they had to offer.

What movie you say? Well here is a clip of one of the dances. Christina Aguilara is the Main Character in this movie.

With that said, I'm sure you know exactly the kind of things I'm about to show you!

I have never seen Greeting cards quite like this before, and they are certainly hard to forget. All of the cards are made of new and recycled materials all put together to make sassy dresses, masks and handbags.

Here are some to catch your breath!!

 Carole Art Deco Dress

Diamond Princess

Breakfast at Tiffany's

Are they not gorgeous? These are great greeting cards for the women who appreciates and loves vintage, or perhaps someone who just watched the movie Burlesque!

Check out her site for more great greeting cards. This is just a small sample that does NOT do the Shop justice!

Byslvar's Boutique Greeting Card Shop

The next Shop is for those with daring and sass. Nothing is more like the movie Burlesque than Burlesque costumes!!

Crash a Bachelor Party with your girls all dressed up in Burlesque outfits with the Bride taking the lead? That's the FIRST idea that came to my mind when drooling through Olgaitaly's Shop. Then of course there are Costume Parties, Halloween, Cosplay, and a whole bunch of other things. Perhaps a Burlesque Theme Wedding?

Black Iris

There isn't just the costume themselves, but there are also handmade accessories too! Check out this great, rich red plume headband.

Circus Corset

Alice in Wonderland

Are you drooling yet? I know I am! Check out these shops, they are amazing!

(Each image is linked to it's Etsy Shop and Item so please browse and enjoy)