Sunday, August 29, 2010

Get Featured in my Blog!

My blog is small right now, but I plan on changing that! This has been a few weeks coming, but I plan on featuring a new Etsian Crafter every few days to a week depending on the time I can manage!!

Do you want to be featured in my blog?

How It Works!

Step 1: Follow my Blog!

(If you want to be featured on my Fanpage as well as the blog then join my fanpage at: )

Step 2: Comment below and tell me a little about what you do and why it is unique

Step 3: If you are chosen I will convo you with my email and give you a few questions for you to fill out as thoroughly as you can with lots of helpings of cheerfulness and optimism. You will then send it to me by email.

Step 4: Select up to 3 photos of your best work - must be clear and bright. And write a small blurb for each. Choosing ones still on sale is a good idea, but I need to have ONE piece that you are most proud of among all of your work and one piece that you feel distinguishes you among everyone else! You will also send these to me by email.

Step 5: A picture of you and a link to your Etsian Store and blog and/or Fanpage!

If you are not chosen for this week, I will still send you a questionnaire for you to fill out, and will notify you when your featured on my blog!!

Keep in mind..

I can't reach everyone or all at once! Sadly...I only have 2 hands! =/

My blog may be small now, but doing this I think that will change and hopefully bring some of you to the spotlight.

I am especially looking for new shops, people who have not yet been noticed but have solid and unique creations. I know how hard it can be to get out there and noticed! Under 200 sales would be nice, but if you are interested post anyways, if there are not lots of competition for a spot than you may pass Go and collect 200 dollars! (i.e get featured in my blog) ;)

Good luck!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

My First Time!

Oh, it's not what you are thinking!!!

After only crafting jewelry for a month, I get to experience for the first time what it is like to have a small venue in public at an Art Studio Gallery in Toronto. The excitement and the nervousness drives me every day to work hard. You can't believe how thrilled I am to have this opportunity.

I am a quick learner, and I've come along way from where I started. I learned new skills, refined old skills and have grown in confidence. There was a time I never thought I'd put my Artistic abilities to full use. I never saw myself crafting Jewelry.

Jewelry is only a very small part of this Art Gallery. It's main feature is the beautiful work of Hilary Slater and her paintings both in watercolor and oils. We may even have a chance to see her pottery that she has perfected over the past six years and her stunning photography.


That's what the Show is all about for me. I will be giving deals to customers who buy my jewelry. Buy any 5 pieces of jewelry and receive 10 DOLLARS OFF YOUR PURCHASE!!!!

That's right. And that wont be the only deals you will find!! So here is a sneak peak of the day of the things you will find waiting for you!!!

This is a gorgeous piece made with Swarovski Crystals and high quality Amethyst Glass on sterling silver wire and fish hook ear wire. This pair comes in several different colors, buy 2 and get five dollars off the second pair!

You can find this Art Studio Gallery on September 12th in Toronto Ontario at 11 Wellesley Avenue, off Wellesley ST EAST!!

Contact me for more details!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Shopping with the family!

Isn't she cute? Well she goes through those Frisbee as fast as she goes through food. Something tha I need to buy more of before she gets bored.

More of my family is coming over today which is a rare ocassion. Not many are willing to travel up here to my grandfather's place besides my Mother and my Aunt. It is a far distance, and they must figure that since I take care of him I am keeping him company. But he still enjoys the family visits and dinner!

Hopefully today I can buy more semi precious stones, have money set aside for some business cards and eventually some fliers.

Would be good to replace this monitor too. I bought this Acer computer from Best Buy over a  year ago. It was brand new. Well, it appears the monitor is going on the fritz. Every day more pixels blow and are running down my screen. It has become a thick bar down the right side of my screen that I can't see through.

If my laptop was set up and I replaced the broken mouse, I wouldn't be as bothered by this. Fortunately my sister's husband knows of a great place to buy refurbished computers for only a fraction of the price in retails such as Best Buy. I hope I wont have to dig much into my pocket for a monitor, and if so, then a new mouse too!

And of course a round of frisbee at the park to finish the day!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

A nice hot cup of coffee in the early morning!

I've been waking up early these past few weeks, planning goals for myself and trying to achieve them. With my current supplies I am limited to how many jewelry creations I can come up with, but I have many ideas in my head running about.

I have articles to write, but as I was about to finish an Article about "Methods of Training for German Shepherds" my Windows Office has decided to cut itself off from me until I can find the product key...I think I should have's a new computer...

Oh well...I can always use my laptop for my business instead of my computer.

What just dawned on me this morning.... is that I DO have a work space for crafting my jewelry. The table my supplies and containers are sitting on can be pulled up into a large table. An antique table actually.

The only worry I have now is my cats...who absolutely love to see what they can get into and break. My one cat Rajha may look like she is only thirteen pounds, but I swear to you she is one hundred pounds of least thats what it feels like when she jumps on you while you sleep. I have a feeling her mighty weight may break the antique table.

But it would be so nice to have some working space.

This hot cup of coffee is keeping me nice and warm, but it is not helping my indecision of making a Fan Page on Facebook for my jewelry. Should I wait till I have more product? Should I create and pay for ads on facebook or wait for more product?

All these things to think about, and having never been in business myself...the part of me that attended Business Administration is telling me to wait till I have more to offer...but the excited "I want to get this going!" side of me says "LET'S DO IT!"

If I drink this coffee down, do you think the answers will be at the bottom of the mug?

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

my finger has an itch...

My finger has an itch to write...but write about what?

A lot of writers gets this feeling, especially when it comes to starting a novel. There's an itch that is driving us to write...write something...but we don't know what to write about. Some writers get this often, some of us do not. It may come around once a blue moon, and if we don't write RIGHT at that moment...on THAT particular day, the moment passes, and we are back to our dreary lives...the effortless flow of amazing words pouring out of our souls that only comes when we have that itch - is GONE!

All we needed was some writing utensils...and something to write about!

What can you do when this moment arises? You know you only have a short time!

Well, if it comes and passes you by because you often have no inspiration at the time, here is a trick to get you writing!

Before the itch comes, pull some random books off your shelf, or perhaps pick a couple favorites you keep around. Stack them on one side of your desk, pull out a piece of paper and list how many books you have down the page on every other line. If you REALLY want to get wild, double the number on the page.

For the next part you can do this in either two ways. Start with a random sentence, or start with a beginning sentence of each book. I'll explain the reason for the two different options later.

Write down the first sentence on the first line and then put the book on the opposite side of the table. Grab the next book and do the same in the next line. Continue doing this till you have finished all the books. If you have decided to double your list, then after choosing the beginning sentence, then flip to the end of the book and write down the beginning sentence of the last chapter on the next line and continue this process till you've completed all the books.

Then cut out each sentence that you have written down. Be careful not to cut off any words.

Now you have a random pile of sentences. What to do with them?

Well the next time you have that itch on the tip of your finger and do not know what to do, drop these sentences in a hat, mix 'em up, and grab one with your eyes closed. Whichever one you pull out will be the beginning sentence to a short story you will write. Give yourself a time frame to write. Ten to fifteen minutes is ideal to get a good story started. In that time frame, write whatever it is that comes to mind from that sentence into a story.

Starting with the beginning sentences gives the feel of a beginning of a story. This works perfectly for those who don't know what story to write but want to write one. If you doubled your number, writing the last sentence of the last chapter gives you the feel of the final conflict or the coming of the end of a book. This can have your mind trying to piece together what had happened in order to write 'How it ends'! However if you decide to choose a random page and pick a random sentence instead, it's like you start a story in the middle of a book, already deeply immersed in a world - perhaps a fight scene.

You will find in no time at all,  you will have a story pouring out of you, and who knows, once you start you may not want to stop!!

Have writer's block but need to write? You can do the same thing to get the creative juices flowing!

Now get out there and start writing!

And don't forget to join National Novel Writing Month in November!!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Funny Webcomic

This is too funny! I think too often we hear about this sort of thing!

Sahetah's Crazed Writings is Officially Open

How many times have I done this now? How many blog sites have I tried? I bet if I Googled my name I would find out pretty quick! I distinctly remember adding the same face to a dozen blogs and goodness knows what else, but I'm certainly sick of seeing me! I can't take it anymore - no more blogs!!!

So lets hope this is the last!

Because I'm beginning to feel dull as I try to fill in the "about me" section of my profile and figure out something new to write. Perhaps I should have decided before all of this massive blog-signing-upage that every new blog I come across I'd add one new thing about me to my profile! I should have, because reading all of my dozens of profiles and massively overproduced profile picture I've come to the conclusion that I'm a robot!

This robot doesn't know her creator, but whoever it was shoulda made her taller.

On the bright side I was given a creative mind, but without direction. You would think as a robot that I'd have math skills - the easiest thing for a robot to do! But nope, I have none! I have minimal basic math skills, and for everything else - there is a calculator!

So like every profile I've written, I've said "I take care of my grandfather!"I should have mentioned that I'm also babysitting my nephew, and it feels like I've been doing it for a month (actually its been 4 days). Between them two, I like taking care of my grampa cuz he doesn't follow me into my basement and twirl in a circle and sing off key while I'm trying to craft jewelry in my itty-bitty studio that is more like a computer desk with extra space if I sweep my arm across it! If that isn't bad enough, he fails to understand that with the remote control missing for the tv - he can't play his games. So he likes to sit down and pretend to be really sad and sigh to try and get my attention to save the day! But I think...I think the remote control is missing for good >.>

If I stay upstairs, all is well, but I get no work done! I had promised my mother - yes, my mother >.> - that I'd have some pieces completed for her to see, and some pieces for my friend to photoshoot cuz if you ever happen to see my shop on etsy I have horrible HORRIBLE camera skills.

At least writing Articles doesn't require camera skills! I mostly write about dogs as I've always had a knack with dogs. I've never had to sleep in a dog house though, or chew on a bone to understand the inner dog - thank goodness! But living with wolves so I can better depict their behavior in my novel would have been really nice!

When my novel is complete I will scream it in this blog and have a party with massive balloons because I've been working on it for years and it would be nice to see an ending!!

So that's me! Hopefully I can find things to entertain you with in my Blog!!