Friday, February 25, 2011

Check out these Lovely Treasuries!!!

Handmade Harbor Team Treasury

T.E.S.T Team Treasury

Thursday, February 17, 2011

I'm Featured again in a Treasury!

This lovely Treasury features my gorgeous Sterling Silver Seashell Bookmark that I had made as Canada's summer turned into Fall. It reminded me of my very first Vacation last Summer as we went to Nova Scotia. It was not my family's first time, but it certainly was mine.

Until then, as far as I knew - any Province or Country outside of Ontario was a hoax.

But now I know better, and though I have kept some souveniers such as REAL shells and stones from the many Beaches we visited - here's a Shell that reminds me of where I've been.

This Treasury is a perfect place for the Bookmark as it revisits Summer and the calming coolness of the Beaches on a hot day, the cold ocean water rolling over your feet. Though it's still bitter cold in Canada - and we are said to love the cold - we really can't wait for the Summer!

Cooling Summer
By Vivilima

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Total Art Soul has gone Shopping!

During my Hiatus, I had neglected my account on Total Art Soul. If you have never been there, it is a great Site for Artisans to share their craft, learn from fellow pros, and get to know other Artisans.

You could showcase your items in a Gallery, and your items would occasionally hit the front page. Only good quality pictures were selected, and there was much emphasis on 'quality'.

Now they have implemented a 'Shop' system, where not only can you sell on Etsy, but you can also sell your craft on Total Art Soul. No matter what, you are allowed 2 free slots each month, and with a small purchased of around 7 dollars you can receive 20 free slot listings.

So far the traffic is high, and from day 1 there has been sales. The competition is so far medium to low depending on your craft.

Tweeting your pieces that you've listed on TAS is another great way to get your items viewed, as well as tagging it with #TAS so that the TAS bot will automatically retweet your tweet!!

So why not give this site and it's new Shop feature a try! There is some amazing advice on TAS for Artisans of all kinds of crafts and Selling online.

Total Art Soul!

Tuesday's Unique and Different

Nothing takes you back to your younger childhood years than playing in a Dollhouse, looking at miniature furniture and dreaming your existence into a more simpler and worry free world where everything happens of your own design.

Here in Melissa Chaple's Shop of "Enchanted Woodland Faery Dollhouse Co." childhood dreams, imaginations and creativity bloom again in the most astounding and meticulous Dollhouses!

Ravenwing Cottage For the Seriously Wicked

Looking upon this stunning piece, it is hard to imagine how such a work of art could be put together. Many hours of work has obviously gone into this Piece which you can Order with custom specifications. Each cottage and house beholds an atmosphere of its own. This one in particular is a home for a Wicked Witch and her companion creatures.

Small details includes a Raven perched upon a Skull, magpies, a black cat and rat, and a Witch's toad.  You can almost imagine the Witch of this Cottage staring through the windows, watching you pass and whispering silent curses!

Not all cottages are for the Wicked though.

Cotswold Cottage for the Hopelessly Enchanted

This petite, but highly detailed Cottage is filled with color, a contrast to the Ravenwing Cottage and its Dreary Evil Witch feel. This piece is also by Custom Order by your own specifications and comes with highly detailed enteriors as well as exterior.

Cotswald's Kitchen

Check out this stunning and highly detailed kitchen area for your Fairy Dolls that come included with this Cottage. Naturally made furniture with cushions, bows and streamers. A table full of food, a gorgeous stained glass window with curtains and various other surprises the longer you look. Each Cottage is certain to have it's individual flare and design.

Eleanora and Friends

Melissa's Chaple also Upcycles vintage dolls for the Dollhouses that you can purchase as well as a Dollhouse. Eleanora is a great example of a lovely doll, befitting one of these elaborate doll houses.

So much work goes into these Dollhouses, and I wish I could see one for myself. There is no surprise that these Dollhouses are admired by many.

Come check out her Shop and have a look for yourself through her Enchanted collection!

Melissa Chaple's Shop

And don't forget to check out her wonderful Blog about all her wonderful Dollhouses and Dolls!!


Friday, February 4, 2011

Friday's "Unique and Different"

At Joystarstudio a fantasic combination of nature and art is fused together with the intricacy of Bead Work. Beautiful pieces of shells, driftwood from the beach and harvested hazel and willow saplings along with a wide variety of beads is put together to create these gorgeous "Spirit Portals".

Confluence (OOAK)

Joy has created these Spirit Portals since 2006 and a few of her pieces can be found on Etsy, such as this gorgeous piece above called "Confluence". These Spirit Portals are One-of-a-Kind (OOAK) works of art and take countless hours and dedication to come up with the finished piece. "Confluence" took 160 hours to complete, and it is indeed a Masterpiece. The eye can wander aimlessly, taking in all the intricacies and wonders this piece holds.

Joy is inspired by the Elements of Earth, Fire, Water and Air, and it can be seen in her work.

High Tide (ooak)

Joy has many talents besides this gorgeous mix of nature and Bead Work. She also enjoys Painting, Floral Design, embroidery, crewel, needlepoint, weaving and tapestry crochet as well as loomwork, peyote stitch, and applique.

Though her Shop is small, she is certainly an amazing Artist yet to be discovered on Etsy.

Come visit her Shop and have a look at the wonders it beholds!!

Joy Star Studios

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wednesday's Unique and Different

Indulging in her creativity, Diana, who lives in New York, has tested her Artistic capabilities in every form she can think of. For many years she worked as a Graphic Designer and has a Major in Painting, however here on Etsy it is her Unique and one-of-a-kind Jewelry that she has on display at her Artdi Shop.

Harbinger of Spring

Each piece speaks of her ingenuity and talent with many materials.

Collage in Spring Green and Blue

Even the Sterling Silver connectors designed in various fun and innovative shapes are made by hand.

Hot Hot Hot Earrings

Even gorgeous hand made Earrings to go with her gorgeous necklaces with flower charms she crafted  and hammered herself along with the ear wire.

Though currently the Artdi is unable to do custom work, there is still a collection of stunning and gorgeous works of Art in her Shop  - all of which are very pleasing to the eye. 

Each piece is Unique, her Style far different than the predictable and replicated Styles of today. If you want to stand out in the crowd and make a statement with your attire and flatter that perfect outfit, why not browse through Artdi's "Unique and Different" Collection.

Melissa Arnold