Friday, March 1, 2013

Inspire My Design Friday

Its Inspire My Design Friday, and today we've picked out this stunning necklace.

Indeed, this necklace is the perfect punch of "WOW!" and class to wear at your up and coming Evening Party. Or perhaps you are going on a date and you want to "dress to impress". Nothing will say that you have a fabulous sense of fashion any better than this necklace. You wont blend away into the background in a party with this necklace, so have no fear about being over-looked. Your outfit alone will make a statement that you are the go-to-girl at the party.

More importantly, your date will be so impressed with your fashion sense, his eyes will be twinkling all night. Or is that the crystals reflecting in his eyes? Who cares, you are confidant knowing that you look exquisite, so even if you happen to spill your drink or fumble your words, no one will notice.

Every woman has to have that perfect black dress in their closet. Some women have more than one, but choosing the right little black dress is key. As an example, we've selected this black dress from Pinterest - a great place for ideas and inspiration. We'll tell you why this dress works perfectly with our necklace.

Here are some tips on how to wear this necklace with the most fabulous dress!

1. Pick a dress with no straps. The dress should come straight across your breasts, leaving the top of your chest bare.

2. The top of the dress should be plain and not busy. You don't want too much going on around the necklace. You want to look impressive, but not overdone.

3. A skirt with flare or minimal designs and perhaps even a waistline with a bit of glam is good. This will create a uniform look once you put on the necklace. This is why we love the skirt and waist of this gorgeous and sexy dress we picked out.

Every black dress needs the perfect heels. We recommend a heel that is simple, and not too distracting. you don't want attention going to your feet, you want it on you!

This pair of heels selected from pinterest is a great example of a classic, simple pair of heels.

With these great inspirations, you can dress to knock-out your friends and your date at your party tonight!

What will your party look like?

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