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Friday, February 28, 2014

Our Purple Velvet Lucite Flower Earrings worn on The Vampire Diaries

As you probably know, Sahetah's Jewelry is a member of The Artisan Group. This wonderful group of Artists gift celebrities through the Artisan Group at Gift Lounges celebrating Awards like, The Emmy Awards, The Oscars, The Golden Globes and the MTV Movie Awards.

Previously I've had the chance to gift celebrities with my handmade Lucite Flowers at the GBK Golden Globes Gift Lounge. I was among many other fabulous and talented Artists, all represented by our Founder, Valerie Guerrero. You can see Actress Callie Thorne showing off our Feminine Steampunk necklace here.

Many Celebrities have been impressed and in love with the handcrafted work of the members of The Artisan Group. So much that The Artisan Group has been able to gift hit TV Shows and Movies to be considered for the show.

One such TV Show is The Vampire Diaries. These past two Seasons of The Vampire Diaries has featured many designs created by fellow Artisan Group members. The Stylist of the series goes through all the handcrafted goodies gifted by members of The Artisan Group and selects what best suits the characters in upcoming episodes. We can never be sure whose products will be selected. We create what we think best fits the show and then cross our fingers, therefore it's quite an exhilarating surprise for the Artists when our designs get selected. So far, The Vampire Diaries Stylist has received 3 big bags of Swag from the Artisan Group to choose from.

Last night, on Season 5, Episode 14, the character Caroline, played by Actress Candice Accola wore our very own design. You can just make out our purple velvet Lucite Flower Earrings as Caroline works through the confusion revolving around Katherine and Matt. Though the earrings are not easy to be seen through her beautiful hair, you can get a peek of them if you are watching.

Seen in this snapshots above are the lovely Purple Velvet, hand dyed Lucite flower earrings by Sahetah's Jewelry.
 Purple Velvet Lucite Flower Earrings
by Melissa Arnold

 Also worn by Caroline in Episode 514 is the stunning Natural Ruby Gemstone Gold Filled Medallion Pendant by Danielle King, Designer of Abrau Jewelry. You can clearly See Caroline wearing this necklace throughout the episode. 
Natural Ruby Gemstone Gold Filled Medallion Pendant
Designed by Danielle King

Other Artists featured on last night's episode include Heidi Borgel Urbanksi's beautiful Small Rectangle Stamped Etched Brass Earrings worn by Nadia. You can get a peek at them during a steamy scene with Matt.
Small Rectangle Stamped Etched Brass Earrings
By Heidi Borgel Urbanksi

Tune into next week's episode of The Vampire Diaries. You just might spot more designs by members of The Artisan Group being worn by your favorite characters.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Gifted to Selena Gomez at the Los Angeles After Party

This past Thursday we gifted Selena Gomez and her crew through The Artisan Group. We are so excited and thrilled to have been part of this fabulous opportunity and to have a chance to gift such a talented and stylish woman.

Selena Gomez sang at a sold out concert at Staples Center in Los Angeles. During the after-party, Selena Gomez, her band and crew were gifted with handcrafted products from The Artisan Group by various talented Artists.

We created three new designs for this event that have yet to hit our shop as we've been waiting till after the event to list them. So in the coming days you will see these three new, fabulous designs.

 We gifted 5 of these necklaces for the ladies of Selena's band and crew. It features a small, open face pocket watch with pink Chinese crystals with various hues of purple and greens peeking through. This is a small, light-weight design with a real functioning pocket watch. To stay cruelty-free we used glass pearls to accent the crystals. This pocket watch necklace retails at $105.00

This handsome design is the first of many new concepts. We designed and gifted 4 of these new fashion accessories knowing that there would of course be talented gentlemen among Selena's band and crew. We fashioned this pocket watch into a new era of gentleman's pocket watches that fits our modern day style for youths. It can be difficult creating jewelry for men, and so that was our challenge. We were not commissioned to create this piece as all the gifts were a surprise - but we knew we needed to provide some pieces that men could wear.

This roman numeral pocket watch does indeed work. This new design retails at $105.00

Last but not least, we hoped to have wowed Selena with this beautiful necklace we have created. This heart pocket watch opens on the side and swivels completely around. We used gorgeous and radiant fuchsia and tanzanite Chinese crystals accented with purple and blue pave rondelles. This design is lariat length, and just like the other pocket watch designs, this pocket watch also works.

This piece retails at $179.00

Check in our shop soon for these three new designs to be available for purchase. Would you like me to contact you as soon as they are available? Just leave a comment below and we'll get back to you. You can also follow our fanpage to keep updated on designs and listings.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Thursday, June 6, 2013

How to wear our long Feminine Steampunk necklaces?

Wearing statement necklaces isn't always easy. You have to match the right kind of top with the statement piece of your choosing. Here we've shown examples of how you can wear our long pocket watch necklaces, part of our Feminine Steampunk collection!

How to wear Feminine Steampunk by Sahetah's Jewelry

Our Feminine Steampunk collection is derived from the Steampunk genre which is a very rustic, industrial fashion look. However we have designed our collection around modern, classy looks for women. So you don't have to put on a corset to wear our collection. Just select something semi-casual or glamorous and own your day!

Check out some of our new designs below!

So tell us below what you'd like to wear with our long pocket watch necklaces?