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Thursday, December 29, 2011

New Romantic Style Bookmarks

I've had many customers in person and online who loved my charm bookmarks that I made a year ago, but with my new style I no longer sold these bookmarks. So I started to sell them this past summer at a discount at craft shows. I've been requested a few times to design a custom bookmark from fans, so I've finally decided to create a new line of bookmarks for my amazing customers who have helped me stay enthusiastic and driven to keep making by hand.

So I present to you my lovely and romantic hand dyed Lucite flower bookmarks.

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These collectible bookmarks are an elegant design for the ladies who love to read. Nothing is more beautiful and feminine than these hand dyed Lucite flowers to express your feminine side and your love of reading. Snuggle up in your favorite chair, put those book reading techno gadgets aside and enjoy the classic way of reading men and women have done for centuries. Flip through those wonderful pages filled with inspiration, imagination and love without losing your page - unless you have a cat who loves dangling things.

I have loved nothing more than to hold a book...a work of fiction and an imaginative story piece from a wonderful story teller in my hands. These new e-reading tools and gadgets like Ipads in no way pay tribute to these fantastical writers. It does not replace the amazing experience of walking into a bookstore with thousands of books and works of art. Just think of how much one bookstore holds of stories and words of thousands of hours spent writing and rewriting until the author reached perfection. Of all the different faces behind each book and the experiences they lived that led them to write. I want to hold that in my hands. I want to hold the wonderful stories they tell in my hands, and start the experience by visiting a bookstore.

also in my Etsy Shop

Just think - through the centuries writers have been penning, scribbling, scratching out words, rewriting, drawing and imagining wonderful worlds and fairy tales to temporarily transport us from this dismal world and into another. Sometimes these imaginative worlds sound so horrifying and the characters tortured beyond belief that we are grateful to be able to sit in our comfy chair with a roof over our head - whether it be our home, or a library instead of on some alien planet filled with slavers who eat you if you aren't good enough to sell to other aliens. (I have not been reading the Stardoc series again, i swear)

One of my favorite things about owning and reading books is that the artwork is right there. I love art. Having a digital version of the artwork does it no justice. It was meant to be showcased with the novel where everyone can see it. Most importantly, an Author always dreams about having their work in print and walking into a bookstore and seeing their work on the shelves. It gives them a sense of accomplishment. That after the 6 months to -2 years of writing and then editing, revising, publishing and printing....they get to 'see' their fruits of their labor as they walk into a bookstore.

So I myself will always buy a book and flip through the glorious pages that I can touch with my hands and travel on an amazing journey, and keep it in style with these bookmarks.

also on my Etsy Shop

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