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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Hey Nerds, It's Time To Gather!

I know this is a little off topic, but its screaming from inside my inner geek brain and has to come out. (Yes, I'm a geek girl at heart)

I'm throwing some geek your way, and a forewarning for non-geeks.

If you are currently residing inside a coffee house, enjoying your hot beverage and browsing on your ipads, it is time to run under the tables and hide, or find the nearest exit. The Empire is coming to a coffee house near you!!

The target? Rebel spies have informed me they believe the coffee house in particular is a Starbucks. I do not know where they got this information from, but just in case, I'm bringing my lightsaber the next time I go out for coffee. Those Stormtroopers are not getting a one-up on me!


By posting this on my facebook, it has sparked more geekery than I can handle while holding hot coffee in my hands that I procured via my own toxin percolating machine in case the Empire is already landing their vessels outside Starbucks.

So here is what my hilarious friend Tristan had to add to this ambitious coffee house bombardment by the Empire.

Tristan: "Until this coffee shop is fully operational, we are vulnerable. The Tim Horton's Alliance is too many doughnuts, they're more tastier than you realize."

"Any coffees made by the Timmies would be a useless beverage. We are now the most Steamed Mocha Latte Brewingist Coffee Store in the world. I suggest we use them."

"Don't be too proud of your technilogical percolator. The ability to steam a liquid is insignificant next to the power of the froth."

And so, as Heather said. "May the Froth be with you!"

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