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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Online Giveaway to Celebrate the Launch of our New Website!

You heard right! Sahetah's Jewelry is proud to present to you our very own website that we can call home.

And to celebrate we are having a Giveaway! How to get in on this Giveaway you ask? Well, simply share our new website on your facebook or twitter and then comment to this post with the link to where you shared it. You will then be entered into a random draw on the 15th of December to win one of these blue hand dyed lucite flower earrings.

Back in September when I was evaluating my Etsy Shop after it's first year of being live, I had made some plans and blueprints for a website design. My "bestest" buddy in the world Chris Gorman of Gorman's Menswear and myself had a lovely chit-chat over coffee about a design for a website. I remember the excitement and anticipation to actually see my work showcased on my own website. I was excited to take that step up the ladder. Now, finally I can show off what we have been working on for the past month. Our brains are fried from all the hard work, but here it is - Sahetah's Jewelry.

Check it out and tell us what you think. See any bugs? Please let us know!

Of course I still sell on etsy.


  1. Shared on Twitter and Facebook! Good luck with the new site! :)!/The7thCrow

  2. Pretty earrings!! :-)