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Monday, August 16, 2010

Shopping with the family!

Isn't she cute? Well she goes through those Frisbee as fast as she goes through food. Something tha I need to buy more of before she gets bored.

More of my family is coming over today which is a rare ocassion. Not many are willing to travel up here to my grandfather's place besides my Mother and my Aunt. It is a far distance, and they must figure that since I take care of him I am keeping him company. But he still enjoys the family visits and dinner!

Hopefully today I can buy more semi precious stones, have money set aside for some business cards and eventually some fliers.

Would be good to replace this monitor too. I bought this Acer computer from Best Buy over a  year ago. It was brand new. Well, it appears the monitor is going on the fritz. Every day more pixels blow and are running down my screen. It has become a thick bar down the right side of my screen that I can't see through.

If my laptop was set up and I replaced the broken mouse, I wouldn't be as bothered by this. Fortunately my sister's husband knows of a great place to buy refurbished computers for only a fraction of the price in retails such as Best Buy. I hope I wont have to dig much into my pocket for a monitor, and if so, then a new mouse too!

And of course a round of frisbee at the park to finish the day!

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