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Saturday, August 14, 2010

A nice hot cup of coffee in the early morning!

I've been waking up early these past few weeks, planning goals for myself and trying to achieve them. With my current supplies I am limited to how many jewelry creations I can come up with, but I have many ideas in my head running about.

I have articles to write, but as I was about to finish an Article about "Methods of Training for German Shepherds" my Windows Office has decided to cut itself off from me until I can find the product key...I think I should have's a new computer...

Oh well...I can always use my laptop for my business instead of my computer.

What just dawned on me this morning.... is that I DO have a work space for crafting my jewelry. The table my supplies and containers are sitting on can be pulled up into a large table. An antique table actually.

The only worry I have now is my cats...who absolutely love to see what they can get into and break. My one cat Rajha may look like she is only thirteen pounds, but I swear to you she is one hundred pounds of least thats what it feels like when she jumps on you while you sleep. I have a feeling her mighty weight may break the antique table.

But it would be so nice to have some working space.

This hot cup of coffee is keeping me nice and warm, but it is not helping my indecision of making a Fan Page on Facebook for my jewelry. Should I wait till I have more product? Should I create and pay for ads on facebook or wait for more product?

All these things to think about, and having never been in business myself...the part of me that attended Business Administration is telling me to wait till I have more to offer...but the excited "I want to get this going!" side of me says "LET'S DO IT!"

If I drink this coffee down, do you think the answers will be at the bottom of the mug?

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