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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Get Featured in my Blog!

My blog is small right now, but I plan on changing that! This has been a few weeks coming, but I plan on featuring a new Etsian Crafter every few days to a week depending on the time I can manage!!

Do you want to be featured in my blog?

How It Works!

Step 1: Follow my Blog!

(If you want to be featured on my Fanpage as well as the blog then join my fanpage at: )

Step 2: Comment below and tell me a little about what you do and why it is unique

Step 3: If you are chosen I will convo you with my email and give you a few questions for you to fill out as thoroughly as you can with lots of helpings of cheerfulness and optimism. You will then send it to me by email.

Step 4: Select up to 3 photos of your best work - must be clear and bright. And write a small blurb for each. Choosing ones still on sale is a good idea, but I need to have ONE piece that you are most proud of among all of your work and one piece that you feel distinguishes you among everyone else! You will also send these to me by email.

Step 5: A picture of you and a link to your Etsian Store and blog and/or Fanpage!

If you are not chosen for this week, I will still send you a questionnaire for you to fill out, and will notify you when your featured on my blog!!

Keep in mind..

I can't reach everyone or all at once! Sadly...I only have 2 hands! =/

My blog may be small now, but doing this I think that will change and hopefully bring some of you to the spotlight.

I am especially looking for new shops, people who have not yet been noticed but have solid and unique creations. I know how hard it can be to get out there and noticed! Under 200 sales would be nice, but if you are interested post anyways, if there are not lots of competition for a spot than you may pass Go and collect 200 dollars! (i.e get featured in my blog) ;)

Good luck!

1 comment:

  1. Hellooo, I found your blog in the Etsy forums. I'm an artist working in several mediums and just opened my arts and crafts shop a month and a half ago. It's SO hard not to get lost in the huge Etsy crowd. So I thought I'd try this feature you're offering.

    I sell prints of my digital art, sculptures, woodburned chopsticks, other woodburned and painted items, original watercolor paintings and more. Come by and visit. :)