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Monday, August 9, 2010

Sahetah's Crazed Writings is Officially Open

How many times have I done this now? How many blog sites have I tried? I bet if I Googled my name I would find out pretty quick! I distinctly remember adding the same face to a dozen blogs and goodness knows what else, but I'm certainly sick of seeing me! I can't take it anymore - no more blogs!!!

So lets hope this is the last!

Because I'm beginning to feel dull as I try to fill in the "about me" section of my profile and figure out something new to write. Perhaps I should have decided before all of this massive blog-signing-upage that every new blog I come across I'd add one new thing about me to my profile! I should have, because reading all of my dozens of profiles and massively overproduced profile picture I've come to the conclusion that I'm a robot!

This robot doesn't know her creator, but whoever it was shoulda made her taller.

On the bright side I was given a creative mind, but without direction. You would think as a robot that I'd have math skills - the easiest thing for a robot to do! But nope, I have none! I have minimal basic math skills, and for everything else - there is a calculator!

So like every profile I've written, I've said "I take care of my grandfather!"I should have mentioned that I'm also babysitting my nephew, and it feels like I've been doing it for a month (actually its been 4 days). Between them two, I like taking care of my grampa cuz he doesn't follow me into my basement and twirl in a circle and sing off key while I'm trying to craft jewelry in my itty-bitty studio that is more like a computer desk with extra space if I sweep my arm across it! If that isn't bad enough, he fails to understand that with the remote control missing for the tv - he can't play his games. So he likes to sit down and pretend to be really sad and sigh to try and get my attention to save the day! But I think...I think the remote control is missing for good >.>

If I stay upstairs, all is well, but I get no work done! I had promised my mother - yes, my mother >.> - that I'd have some pieces completed for her to see, and some pieces for my friend to photoshoot cuz if you ever happen to see my shop on etsy I have horrible HORRIBLE camera skills.

At least writing Articles doesn't require camera skills! I mostly write about dogs as I've always had a knack with dogs. I've never had to sleep in a dog house though, or chew on a bone to understand the inner dog - thank goodness! But living with wolves so I can better depict their behavior in my novel would have been really nice!

When my novel is complete I will scream it in this blog and have a party with massive balloons because I've been working on it for years and it would be nice to see an ending!!

So that's me! Hopefully I can find things to entertain you with in my Blog!!

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