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Friday, February 22, 2013

Sahetah's Jewelry and The Wendy Williams Show

It's absolutely amazing news that I finally get to share with you all. As we all know, I've done several different giftings to celebrities with The Artisan Group. Those celebrities include Zooey Deschanel, Lauren Conrad, Jenny McCarthy and Genevieve Gordor. Recently I've also gifted the stylist of The Client List and The Vampire Diaries for consideration to be on the show. Soo...

Today I finally get to reveal to you that the BIG secret on our fanpage was our participation on a segment on The Wendy Williams Show with The Artisan Group. Exciting, right?

If you've never watched this TV Daytime Talk Show, The Wendy Williams Show discusses celebrities and fashion. So of course when it's the middle of February and its frigid, cold and miserable what other hot topic to keep us warm is there, except for the AWESOME Academy Awards?

So if you aren't already dying to see your favorite celebrities walk down that red carpet, here's some MORE amazing news. GBK Productions partnered up with The Artisan Group as well as other Sponsors to present a collection of high quality, top notch products. All of these goodies will be gifted to exclusively invited Celebrities at the GBK Oscars Gift Lounge on Feb 22nd and 23rd.

What is GBK doing with all these amazing goodies and handmade products from The Artisan Group?

Giving it away of course!!!

GBK is offering one very lucky viewer the "celebrity treatment" of a bag full of amazing gifts that the celebrities will be receiving at the GBK Oscars Gift Lounge. So if you want a chance to win the Academy Award Gift Bag you better enter here!! And hurry, because the offer wont last!

So if that wasn't exciting enough, the audience was gifted with amazing handcrafted products from The Artisan Group as well as other great Sponsors the celebrities will see at the Gift Lounge.

Those handcrafted products from The Artisan Group included our Blue Victorian Necklace which was designed specifically for the show.

Only 5 of these necklaces were created for 5 very lucky audience members valued at $71.00.

And guess what? You can have one too, in topaz or blue.

And if that isn't enticing enough, you can also get it 20% off with our coupon code: TWWS20 on our Etsy Shop. Just enter it upon checkout!We only have a limited supply of this necklace, so if you are eye-balling this necklace, hurry and get one!

It has been a very exciting day for us, and it will continue to be a very exciting weekend too. Celebrities are currently visiting The Artisan Group display at the GBK Oscar's Gift Lounge and getting their photos taken with products from the talented Artisans of The Artisan Group.

Once that's wrapped up its time to relax with some coffee and watch the Academy Awards. Who are you hoping will take the awards home? Who do you think will be best dressed on the red carpet?


  1. I truly love your Blue Victorian Necklace! It is so elegant! I can really tell that you put a lot of love into your work.
    Congrats to all of your success.

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