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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Inspire My Design Wednesday

Its Wednesday, and its our first day of our new inspiration fashion and design blog posts.

Love our work but not entirely sure what to wear with it? Looking for a type of fashion sense you want to surround yourself with and need some inspiration? Perhaps you are decorating your home and doing a complete make-over and you want some inspiration for matching home-decor and your fashion style?

We are matching our designs everyday to great finds and photos on Pinterest, Etsy and around the net to give you great ideas for your wardrobe and decor.

Today I sit in my Aunt and Grandmother's warm and welcoming home, looking out the window at the dark, morning sky as the traffic begins to pick up. The bird feeder is laden with a layer of pristine white snow, flakes drifting to the ground. The sky is a subdued mix of violet and blue.

This beautiful winter morning makes me think of one of my newest designs...

This necklace is a fusion of vintage style fashion and steampunk. Naturally, steampunk is not a very feminine fashion statement, but here at Sahetah's Jewelry, we change all that. This beautiful necklace is as feminine as it gets.  This piece has a delicate look, feeling light and weightless.

So what would you wear it with? You would complete this piece with an equally light and weightless look that evokes a feel of feminine delicateness.

Wearing a collection of white, creams or picking from a pallet of pastel, subdued colors will create a unified and beautiful look.

A beautiful, lace, flowing dress in a relaxing shade of ivory that feels weightless is the perfect dress to compliment this necklace. At you can get this look for only $34.10.

 Not any pair of shoes can match . If you are going for a lacy feel, a great pair of light, lacy heels will create a great, chic look. Keep with a light color of creams and whites.

Home Decor Inspiration

Looking beyond your wardrobe, here is some inspirational looks for your home decor. The following pictures are a collection inspired by our Violet Lucite flower necklace.

A beautiful collection of vintage style and chic accents for your home.

An airy living room look.

A beautiful space for morning light on a cool spring day.

So start this look with our handmade Violet Lucite Flower Pendant which you can receive 15% off from now until March 1st with the coupon code: OSCARS15 upon checkout!

Leave a comment below and tell us what you would wear with this necklace.

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