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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Late Night Frenzy!

Sometimes it feels like there is a cyclone in my house, and you often think that life just can't get anymore crazy.  I often wonder to myself how I get anything done. It doesn't help that I have ADD. When I am struck with a thought or an idea or I spontaneously remember something that I'm supposed to do - I end up flying around the room from one project or chore to the next.

I never clean in the evening. When dinner is done, I'm done. I'm on strike for the rest of the evening and I wont lift a finger till morning. 

However I was hit with the cleaning bug yesterday evening and suddenly I'm whirling around the house from the bathroom to the kitchen. Working hard at the bathroom, I have to stop to grab a J-cloth to clean the sink.   Somehow on my mission to find a J-cloth I ended up doing the dishes before I remembered what it was I was looking for in the kitchen in first place.

Next thing you know, the kitchen is clean, but the bathroom is half clean. So I go get myself a bucket and start washing the bathroom floor - but OH WAIT, I forgot to scrub the toilet first. I can't do that while the floors are wet, and where is that J-cloth?

This cleaning frenzy came out of nowhere. Does this ever happen to you at odd hours? Of course once I'm all done I wonder why I'm so tired. Perhaps if I wasn't so easily distracted, I might finish chores much faster, or leave jobs half done.

And why do I do this besides the fact that I was born from the womb with a bucket and a duster in hand?

Because I gotta get paid!

Now I bet you wonder how I ever get anything done!


  1. I wrote a whole long comment but then when I went to post it disappeared. Bummer.
    Oh well...the gist of it was I can relate!

    Love your choice of photos! LOL

  2. awe, I would have loved to read your story! =)

    I am glad though that I'm not the only one whose brain skips a beat!

    I thought the photos were perfect too! I hope they enjoyed being in my Story! =)