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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Fighting the negative forces!

Do you ever have a day that is determined to bring you down? Did it feel like everything you tried to do, was rebuffed by sudden and strange events that all seemed to happen coincidentally on the same day? I know I sure did, and no matter my determination to move forward and not let my smile turn upside down - it felt like the world was against me.

  Yesterday felt like 'mission impossible' just to get on through the day peacefully and unscathed. It started with much drama. It was like a  Play with terrible acting with a Director who didn't ensure the facts were correct. Regardless, you pretend that you have bought the entire story they try to sell you, and perhaps during that drama episode you might have just lost your head and completely by accident too!

Despite the terrible acting, it may have received one thumb up for moving the audience to tears!

Tears of frustration to be precise!

However I had to move on. I went out on the town to erase that bad drama from my head. I was verbally pushed out of the door for my 'better health', but I had some reservations on whether or not I should go. It wasn't a sunny fact it had been raining for 3 days and the sky was dark and gloomy threatening to rain more on us over-saturated folks. 

The weather was down right depressing.

But I am a big girl at 5'1 and decided to go out anyways. After all, I needed to make an important run to my supply shop and work on a custom Bridal necklace. I wasn't about to let a little rain or drama stand in my way. It was going to take much more than that.

Well the day started out bad, and I should have taken the hint, but apparently I did not.

The first bus I hop into seems fine and I get myself a comfy seat and relax to some amazing music by Tarja Turunen. As we come to the first of two bus terminals, several bus operators suddenly decide to congregate outside of the bus around the tires for some tea I assume. They stand and chat some lovely conversation while we sit inside and twiddle our thumbs.

Next thing I know, I can smell this strange smell...

 "Caution Stinky Load" - Baby Onesie By Sassysamz

Then I realize its gas and its all through the bus.

Everyone is being quickly ushered off the bus and onto an itty bitty bus to the city.

I normally wouldn't mind but the new bus can only hold half the people on the previous bus, and so we are squished like pickles in a jar.

Here I am thinking 'man this is turning into quite a day', but is it over yet? Of course not! :P

The subway ride home ended up being eventful too. Apparently the first car of the train I was riding was malfunctioning and so the conductor was trying to evacuate the first car. Funny enough I think I was riding in the same train earlier, and I was sitting in the first car. I noticed as we came to Union station that the car was 'grinding' on the tracks which as never happened before. It felt like it was coming off the track in fact, which made everyone a bit nervous.

Wow, a second evacuation. How ironic.

But it gets better. The night isn't over yet. Far far far from it!

The bus ride home was more relaxing. All up until we reach the terminal where the bus briefly pauses. The driver announces she is having technical difficulties...and guess what?

We have to evacuate the bus!

My legs are throbbing in pain, and the world today obviously hates me and makes me want to do this-


How can all of that possibly come to be? How is it that multiple times in one day similar events occur at different times in different areas and to the same person? Am I stuck in the Matrix and the Matrix is repeating itself? Should I be trying to find some blue and red pills? Hopefully I remember which one I shouldn't take because I really don't feel like having my eyes burned out (if you never watched the Matrix, Neo gets his eyes burned and scared over at the end of the last movie- spoiler).

I know you can't believe me as you read this! How can it be possible?


  1. I don't feel right about saying this but I really enjoyed reading about your terrible day, I don't mean that in a bad way I really don't, its just that your blog post is so well written and you brought humour into it with the different items from Etsy that it was really enjoyable to read, however all the way through I did feel bad for you havin such a bad day, I had a not so good day yesterday too, Im hoping today to be better, I said a prayer for you and I hope you have a better day today too! Thank you for featuring my ACEO!!! :)

  2. Thank you for your sympathy! I was determined not to get upset over the strange and ironic occurrences!

    Most importantly, I'm glad my post amused you, as I love making people giggle and laugh!

    Your beautiful gloomy ACEO was the PERFECT fit for the story! When I saw it, I was like 'YES!!!!"

    Thank you, we all have bad days, but I hope your day today at least is a good one! Wishing you some sunshine and some spring fun!!