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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My Upcoming Weekly Newsletter!

Newsletters are great ways of letting others know of upcoming Sales, but more importantly, it also gives exposure for old and new Artists both well known and undiscovered. I want to feature Sites that other Artists or Buyers might be interested in!

Newsletter Goal

To get YOU noticed and to offer great deals to people who love them. I love working with Artists, and there is so much amazing talent out there that I want to share it with others. I want to feature unique talent and different and unusual work. I want to help my fellow Team Members on Etsy and show the world how awesome they are! We have holidays and we have seasons, lets share our Spring clothing, jewelry, soaps, candles, name it! There is no limit to the fun we can have!

How frequent?
I'd love this to be a twice a month Newsletter sent out on the 1st and 3rd Monday of every month. That is my goal and it is an attainable one with your help!
How do you get in on it?

Reply to me with your talent you want featured, your upcoming sale or your event by Sunday to get in on the following Monday. Room is limited on each Newsletter, so contacting me quickly is essential.
Provide me with a CLEAR crisp picture of one of the items related to your sale or your event. If you want to be featured, provide a clear and professional looking photo of yourself and tell me a little bit about yourself and your work. Do you have an event on your Blog? Provide the details with the link to the Blog Event. Link me to the item that is on sale, or to your Shop and provide your name.
Not everyone can be accepted, and I will get back to all submissions. I am looking for a variety of different products - everything handmade of course. I will not saturate the Newsletter with similar items.

I want...

- handmade
- vintage
- suppliers
- bright photos (white background only)
- crisp photos
- link to your shop (or blog for blog giveaways and events)
- what's your sale and when it starts and finishes
- coupon codes

If you want to be featured, I want...
- unique items
- hand made
- professional looking photo of you or your work area
- a paragraph about you and your work (will also be featured on my blog in greater detail)
- link to your shop 

Please contact me ONLY through these ways. (I can't chase down every social network I use to find your submission)

Or contact me through Etsy:

How do I get exposure?

Promoting of course!
Would it not be awesome to see yourself in a newsletter and share that with friends? Subscribe and shout about it to everyone, share the love! Facebook it, tweet it, stumble it, share on Etsy with your Teammates, on your own Blog and even to potential customers! With everyone sharing and loving it and seeing YOU and your work featured, they will be impressed and love you!

What is not acceptable?
I can't accept everyone as there is limited space on each Newsletter, but if I can't accept you now - I can perhaps do so later.  

What I don't want... 
- Resellers
- blurred photos
- dark photos (exceptions for featured artists as long as the image is clear)
- Shops not on Etsy or Total Art Soul 
- nude or overly provocative content
- adult toys

What will this Newsletter look like?

It will look GRAND! With clear crisp photos, it will look neat and professional.  Here is an example one I have made so everyone can have a glimpse of what it will be like!

What will you get for subscribing?
A 30% discount coupon code sent to you that you can use ONCE in my Shop for your entire purchase!
So what are you waiting for? Subscribe and send submit your sales and offers!!
Contact me here:


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  2. Hi Melissa! I'm really looking forward to your newsletter coming out I've already blogged about it and put it on facebook! Good luck with it!