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Saturday, April 2, 2011

A day out on the Town with a Camera and some Jewelry

It's been a stressful week, and winter full of surgeries. Thankfully that's behind us now, but I had my own doctor appointment to be worried about.

A few weeks ago I had what felt like a 'pop' in the back of my head, followed by a feeling of release. It was a painful but not an unbearable experience. However, when I thought that was the last of it - it was not. For a week following, every day I would feel a sharp pain in the same spot for a few seconds, and a cooling sensation in the surrounding area.

A visit to the doctor who checked me out from top to bottom says whatever it was appears to have passed. (for a week prior to the visit I had felt no more pain). We believe it was a small clot, but perhaps not large enough to get completely stuck. Perhaps I should lay off the coffee so my blood veins in my brain don't shrink so small.

I did however discover I have week lungs, I'm at high risk of Bronchitis, I'm prone to kidney stones (Which explains the pains I get in my sides from time to time) and I really don't feel like passing another kidney stone again. Lastly - as I suspected, my entire digestive system is completely messed up. Several years ago I worked, but had not enough money to put food on my table.  Such is the way of life. I was 25lbs underweight, and my digestive system has not recovered since.

The doctor's visit was followed by a few tough days to get through, but Friday came and it happened to be a fairly warm day with lots of sun, and the first time in a long time I went out to enjoy myself. Many hours of walking, some posing beside a fabric shop led to some decent pictures of two new necklaces I have made in the past week that will soon find themselves in my Shop.

Faceted Ultramarine Blue and Deep Purple AB finish Glass Bling Necklace

Amethyst Stone and Peacock Pearl Bling Necklace

I have many more to make like it before these end up in my Shop. I took my stroll down Toronto as a chance to pick up some supplies. I'd love to keep these for myself, they are sooo beautiful, and purple is a beautiful color on a woman!


  1. Happy to have found your blog in On Fire for Handmade team on Etsy. Thanks for sharing your beautiful story, I know the feeling of taking care of elders, yourself and trying to find time to create. Good luck dear

  2. My hubby was very sick over the summer months and it I understand being a care giver. Even though he's not old I had to do everything for him. Good luck and sending you lots of (((hugs))). It is always a good thing when you can vent your frustrations. I am a very good listener so whenever you need a friend I am hear and will be happy to listen.