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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Total Art Soul has gone Shopping!

During my Hiatus, I had neglected my account on Total Art Soul. If you have never been there, it is a great Site for Artisans to share their craft, learn from fellow pros, and get to know other Artisans.

You could showcase your items in a Gallery, and your items would occasionally hit the front page. Only good quality pictures were selected, and there was much emphasis on 'quality'.

Now they have implemented a 'Shop' system, where not only can you sell on Etsy, but you can also sell your craft on Total Art Soul. No matter what, you are allowed 2 free slots each month, and with a small purchased of around 7 dollars you can receive 20 free slot listings.

So far the traffic is high, and from day 1 there has been sales. The competition is so far medium to low depending on your craft.

Tweeting your pieces that you've listed on TAS is another great way to get your items viewed, as well as tagging it with #TAS so that the TAS bot will automatically retweet your tweet!!

So why not give this site and it's new Shop feature a try! There is some amazing advice on TAS for Artisans of all kinds of crafts and Selling online.

Total Art Soul!

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