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Thursday, February 17, 2011

I'm Featured again in a Treasury!

This lovely Treasury features my gorgeous Sterling Silver Seashell Bookmark that I had made as Canada's summer turned into Fall. It reminded me of my very first Vacation last Summer as we went to Nova Scotia. It was not my family's first time, but it certainly was mine.

Until then, as far as I knew - any Province or Country outside of Ontario was a hoax.

But now I know better, and though I have kept some souveniers such as REAL shells and stones from the many Beaches we visited - here's a Shell that reminds me of where I've been.

This Treasury is a perfect place for the Bookmark as it revisits Summer and the calming coolness of the Beaches on a hot day, the cold ocean water rolling over your feet. Though it's still bitter cold in Canada - and we are said to love the cold - we really can't wait for the Summer!

Cooling Summer
By Vivilima


  1. I just wanted to share a bit of summer with the people on the other side of the hemisphere!
    It looks nice in your blog! Thank you for sharing it.


  2. Hi, how did you make it fit into your blog?

  3. Hey Vivilima, try this widget to fit it in your blog!! =)

    I am sorry about the delayed reply, I didn't see this earlier!