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Monday, October 11, 2010

A New Team that isn't a Team

A Treasury mania is what it is. A fun, and inspiring idea benefiting everyone who joins. Dottyral had come up with an amazing idea that she had shared with us here on the Business Forum on how to utilize the Treasury with a group of people in order to display and advertise each others work as well as their own in a fun and competitive manner.

This idea has excited dozens of Etsians, and it is sure to take off with a hoot!

Dottyral has gone and made a Blog for this specific on-going event, called "Treasury Challenge NonTeam". Here fellow Etsians have the chance to read more about this fantastic ideas and how to participate. This week is the very first week, so expect some more ideas and rules to be tweaked as we see how it works out.

Inspired by this idea, FabricFascination had gone ahead and created a Treasury called "Plum and Gold" of all the Etsians that were currently excited about this NonTeam and had signed up.

The Idea of these Treasuries is to showcase other NonTeam members in Treasuries, and tagging these Treasuries specifically for this on-going event. The Etsian who had created the best Treasury has an item selected from their own shop that will then be showcased in every Treasury of the upcoming week challenge.

So what are you waiting for? Join up and get started!!!

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