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Friday, July 27, 2012

A beautiful Morning

My parents went on vacation to Nova Scotia as they do every year. Nova Scotia is where I came to the realization that I wanted to work with my hands for a living, and I discovered I loved designing jewelry.

My parents left just in time to miss the month long heat wave that came through Ontario. It did not rain until they came back, and it has been raining almost every day this week. The flowers are very happy, and I'm happy that my garden is happy.

This morning its a clear sky, the earth is still wet and the garden is thriving. It was beautiful to see.  This will be t he first time I've taken photos of my garden. It's in its first year, and so next year we are hoping it will begin to fill out. The peonies were transplanted from my Aunt's so they are struggling in their new garden, but next year they will be happy too.

I have a German Shepherd, so my mom likes to gift me with German shepherd themed ornaments, key-chains and whatever else she can get her hands on. So one of the gifts she gave me ended up in the garden to welcome her back from her vacation.

And of course our bird bath is now filled with water this morning.

I work with flower jewelry because up until now I've only managed to kill my plants. It seems I've got luck on my side for our first real garden we've put together. The bush behind the bird bath used to take up over 12ft of space in my grandfather's backyard. We hacked it down to a stump and planted a garden in that space instead. We keep it trimmed, but it seems to flourish every time it rains so it has grown quite a bit in the past few days.

There is still some space that needs sod, but otherwise our backyard garden looks great. My Aunt and cousin  helped till the earth and prepare the ground for the garden, but then I planted all these babies myself the next day. Perhaps it was a bit too much work for one person, but I was determined to have it done. =)

Back to Nova parents always pick up souvenirs for the family. My mom knows I love everything handmade, and especially pottery. She ended up finding the beauty of all beauties. She loved it so much that she couldn't just give me one, so she had to buy one for herself too.

Isn't it divine? It is from Ostrea Lake Pottery in Nova Scotia by Deborah Wheeler.

It looks so beautiful with a blending of blues and red to create this purple effect throughout. I've never seen a pottery mug with a gorgeous engraved flower design. I was so nervous using it, but I don't like having mugs just for show either. So this morning I took it out on our patio as the weather is nice today and had some delicious tea to start my day before I begin working in my studio.

It appears that Ostrea Lake Pottery has more of a physical presence in Nova Scotia than an online presence, so if you ever visit Nova Scotia, you should definitely check them out =)

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