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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Finding Time to Relax

Looking for a little R&R that wont leave you feeling guilty? Not only is resting and rejuvenating good for the soul, but you can make resting guilt free by supporting handmade artists and local businesses that will leave you feeling refreshed and good about yourself.


 Taking breaks is important. A break shouldn't be filled with other tasks for different projects, but a moment you take completely for yourself. Your body can only handle so much and you can begin to wear yourself down by working overtime. Your mind needs a break, and working with constant stress and little rest will not keep you on top of your game.

A mentally refreshed and rejuvenated individual can achieve greater things in brighter spirits than someone who works non-stop who becomes grumpy and quick tempered. But where do you take these breaks?

Bend the World

Life doesn't always give you opportunities to take breaks. You have to bend the world around you to fit breaks in. Perhaps your baby has finally decided to take her nap and this is your chance to get some housework done. However, perhaps the housework can wait today so that you can focus on  you. Sometimes you have a boss that relies on your skills all the time, and when you have a day off he keeps calling you back in. Sometimes you need to say 'no' because you wont be of much good if you are living in a whirlwind of stress.

At-home jobs are never ending. It is more important than ever if you run your own business to take breaks. Working for someone, you have a few set amount of tasks you get done every day, and it is your boss who is accountable for the business. As your own boss, you are accountable for everything, and all the tasks that require a business to function are weighed on your shoulders. Sadly, there are no little, magical elves that come out at night to do your work for you.

Trust me, I checked.

Stress can cost you your job!

Take it from me, as I nearly lost my job if it wasn't for the fact that it was already the last day on the job before I moved to another town. The stress of three roommates who decided our condo would be a geek party house for 4 days out of the week left me with little sleep. On top of that, guess who they wanted help to clean the mess their friends left behind? Me!

On top of that, I was now moving to take care of my grandfather, with zero experience. Working nearly full time and little rest, the stress was overwhelming me at work. I used to excel at working a cash register and I would be top choice to keep things running smoothly while supervisors had meetings. The stress worked me so hard that it was like I couldn't get anything right and suddenly I'm being hit with written up notifications that I better get my act together or I'll be fired.

Living with my grandfather away from people my age (is it strange that I don't like parties and the usual craziness of young people?) is certainly far more relaxing in many ways than living in that condo. It's just me and him here and a couple of pets. Except now I have two jobs - taking care of my grandfather and running a business and both can become overwhelming and stressful if I don't find some 'me' time.

Find your quiet place!

The solution to all this is very simple. Take a break. You can't just go anywhere to relax. Face it, not everywhere is relaxing. Sitting in the kitchen will probably remind you that you need to make dinner and you may not know what to cook or the dishes are dirty and the floor needs some polishing. Step away from your common places at home and find a spot away from your daily routine. If it's great weather outside, go sit on the patio or even the steps to the front door. 

Surrounding yourself in fresh air, sunlight and greenery is far more rejuvenating than sitting indoors. The stress seems to fade away when surrounded by nature.

We aren't meant to stay indoors all day. The body needs the fresh air. You can create a beautiful space to relax in too. Some may call this indulging yourself, and yes it is. Because 'you' are important. If you forget about taking care of 'you' then everything in your life will suffer.

So go outside and take a break. Relax and kick your feet up.

Stay tuned on ways to create a beautiful relaxing space guilt free with handmade.

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