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Sunday, July 17, 2011

More Than Metal Show Recap

More Than Metal Show was such an eye-opener to the amazing talent we have in Toronto. It was located at The Women's Art Association of Canada house. The event was such an inspiration and what a joy it was to be a part of it. I met some familiar faces and amazing people.  It is not often to see a Jewelry exclusive event and just to see the wide range of talent, ideas and creativity was such a delight.

I had the chance to sit beside Odile of Woolly Fabulous who works with recycled materials making felt and zipper broaches. Odile is very talented with tons of positive energy and interesting tales to tell. She is always working with something new and outside of the box. Her creativity goes beyond her zipper broaches.

I ran into Vera Fischer who I had met years ago at Value Village. At the time I never understood why she collected antique jewelry. At the Show the reason was revealed. She designs gorgeous wire wrapped jewelry using antique jewelry that she collects and gives it a new purpose. Her presence at the show was uplifting and she brightened the room wherever she walked. Her designs were unique and beautiful. They are truly OOAK, and can never be repeated.

Another wonderful lady I met at the More Than Metal Show was Irena Pertseva of Black Currant Jewelry. A soft spoken woman, ready with a smile and talent that will shock you. Her wire wrapping techniques are astounding, creating intricate designs and elaborate pieces. Her rings were astounding to see. They beheld the tiniest of weaves that I didn't think were possible. Her most beautiful work I have to say are her Phoenix Necklaces.

Lastly, the unique creations of Ola Fumilayo who also orchestrated this event with help from volunteers. Under My Secret Music Box, she designs these intricate and delicate pieces into functioning and lovely sounding music boxes. Each are OOAK and behold a vintage feel. She uses 18 note Japanese Mechanisms and vintage pieces for her designs. Ola spent so much time catering the event and ensuring everyone was having a good time that she barely stopped at her table - and a great event it was!

The More Than Metal Show was busier than I had anticipated so I was unable to visit and spend time with everyone at the Show, but everyone at the Show was very talented. There was a wide variety of styles under one roof. Every Artist was local to Toronto. It was a huge joy to be among creative people who enjoy doing the same thing - designing jewelry - and they do it so well!

Thanks to Ola Fumilayo and Helen Kontozopoulos, photos of the event were taken to forever keep it in our memories. If you did not come to this year's event, hopefully we will see you next year. Until then, enjoy the photos on Flickr and go see the Artist's work on their websites and buy handmade!


  1. It was so nice to meet you in person Melissa and I enjoyed seeing your work too. You and me have similar colourful, floral, art nouveau leanings :O)

  2. It was so nice to meet you too Ola! Your music boxes were a treat to see and your display was lovely!

    We both just have good taste! ;)