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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Shipwrecks and Bravery at Craftstock2

It was a great event, small and not too stressful at all. In fact it was very fun, and there were lots of really cool people. I met some great crafty and innovative people who also set up shop, splitting tables and enjoying deeeeelicious cookies from CookieFridayco as people listened to some really great, local indie bands and singers.

I will introduce you to each Vendor, but for today I want you to meet a very special girl named Tara!

I got to sit beside this wonderful crafter in silk screening, textiles and knitting who came a long way for this fun event! Hard times has really hit her good, without a job and taking care of an elderly lady . She came to this event with less than 20 bucks to her name and only wished she could make enough to cover her fare home. None of which cramped her style, she had a cheerful demeanor, friendly and funny and she was certainly great company. Her lovely work can be found at

Through all this excitement, I had left behind a gorgeous pink coffee cup cozy. I was too busy thinking about 'what to get a man?' and 'I'm soooooo hungry I have to eat all those cookies!!!' that I forgot to get something that I think is PERFECT for my sensitive fingers because I can't STAND coffee cups. They burn my hands, even when I double cup. (sorry eco-lovers I just can't help it, coffee cups really do give me burns but I do recycle) So here Tara has the perfect solution.

And here it is - the one I left behind!! =(

Here is her lovely set up right beside mine! I love her robust and crafty look. Something I could never achieve!! You can see the collection of Coffee Cozies of such a beautiful variety ready to be used! One gentlemen thought he could use it for his guitar, but for the moment, they are not for guitars!! (sorry guitar lovers you cannot cozy your guitar)

People loved these pins. They are wonderful gifts, and the compass and anchor were the favorites.

note: Compass pin does not actually give directions

Please check out her shop and consider one of these lovelies as a gift for yourself or a friend!

Tara was a lovely girl and I was so glad to have met her, she was a joy to sit beside when the crowds were busy with the bands and beer. I'm hoping I'll run into her again soon! =)


  1. The table looks so interesting with all those colors. Thanks for sharing.

  2. It was certainly one of the most frequented tables! It was a very lovely set up and the bear lamp she used was very cute! =)

  3. Hey Melissa! It was so great to meet you and Tara too. Hope to see you around at other shows!


  4. Great colorful items :)

    Your newest follower,