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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sea Shells by the Sea Shore

Summer has passed and the leaves are turning yellow. Autumn is here, and our vacations have passed. All that is left is our memories, our pictures and our souveniers.

My trip to Nova Scotia was my very first vacation, and very first trip out of Ontario. It was a nice break from taking care of my grandfather for the past two years and being able to spend some time with my family and regenerate. In Nova Scotia is where I became inspired to craft jewelry and so it is only fitting I pay tribute!!

So it was very exciting when it dawned on me to create a Treasury with the feel of Nova Scotia. I had such a great time that I did not want to leave, and I brought home very few items that gave me the feel of Nova Scotia and the life by the Sea.

But here you can capture some of that life in this wonderful Treasury.

Check it out:

Out of this Treasury do you know what are my favorites?

One thing you have to know about Nova Soctia if you have never been there, is that it is almost entirely surrounded by Ocean. Part of the Ocean swells into a Bay, but it is all Ocean water. How could you possibly take a part of the Ocean with you?

Well sadly you can't. Taking a bottle of Ocean water really doesn't do the trick. What will you possibly do with it? Well, Gel Delights has solved that problem with their stunning Tabletop Candle featuring a look into the depths of the Ocean in a large glass bowl with crushed shells and sand. Instead of a tacky bottle of water, we have a centerpiece for your living room mimicking nature's beauty with sprouting candle wicks. Within the bowl are swimming fish suspended in the gel.

Gel Delights does not only make these wonderful Ocean theme candles, but she also makes one of a kind, juicy pies and pastry candles that look so good you will forget that they are not edible!

Take burning your pies to a whole new level and burn one of these pies in your kitchen! (don't eat them =p )

Find this gorgeous centerpiece here by Gel Delights as well as her Desert Candles!

While out in Nova Scotia there were many trips out on the Ocean by boat. Two of these trips we had sailed off on a Sailboat, one at night from the Harbor of Halifax to watch the stars and the city lights from afar with the quiet breeze guiding us across the waves. The fun did not stop there. The second trip was from the shores of Lunenburg, my favorite town of Nova Scotia. We spotted seals and Porposes, drank white wine while huddling in thick blankets from the cold Atlantic air and I had a chance to sit with the Captain and stear the boat and hold the large wooden wheel into port, thanks to my dad who caught the Captain's attention when he asked for a new volunteer.

So selecting this piece as one of my favorites was an easy choice.

Newsprout created this lovely 10k Antique Gold ladies pocket case with a Sailboat Wheel. She picked natural treasures from the California beaches, but despite where she found them, they can also be found in Nova Scotia where I had collected some of these treasures as well. Featured in this Pocket Case are sea shells, mother of pearl, tiny sea agates and little ocean pebbles all in soft, natural colors.

Newsprouts does not only make these Pocket Cases, but many other items and jewelry all inspired by the Ocean. All her finds of Sea Glass and shells are all natural and recycled.

Check out this wonderful Pocket Case and Newsprout's other great pieces inspired by the Ocean from her Etsy Shop!

In Nova Scotia we had aspired to catch the glimpse of whales and dolphins. Sadly we had only seen one Right Wale breach the water as the day was rather foggy. We did however see many seals basking on rocks in the middle of the Ocean as well as porposes following our boats. It was only fitting to add some whales and dolphins to the mix of my Nova Scotia Treasury. I found many wonderful pieces of whales and dolphins, but my favorite pieces was this cute bundle of soaps featuring Dolphins breaching the Ocean on waves.

SatinandBirch create many wonderful and unique decorative soaps. It would be hard to consider actually bathing or washing with any of these soaps because they are so beautiful and unique. The bright color of the waves is only fitting for such a bright and lively cultures by the Ocean. The dolphins, the waves and the shells are finely detailed and intricate, something not often seen by naturally made soaps.

Butterflies, owls, wreaths are only a few of the many designs of her soaps with gorgeous colors and detail. These pieces are especially fitting for the bathroom of course, possibly in a light beige weave basket with beige confetti paper lining the bottom and featuring these nicely crafted soaps on top to display to your guests....perhaps a sign that says 'please do not use'! =p

Come check out her lovely soaps at her shop here on Etsy!

I will never forget my trip to Nova Scotia, and with these beautifully colored and creative items - I hope you never forget the wonders of the Ocean too!

Enjoy my Treasury for more wonderful finds!


  1. Hi Sahetah: Thanks so much for featuring my sailboat wheel with natural sea treasures. Yes, you are right sea treasures can be found on just about any beach, you just have to open your mind and see what nature has to offer. Each beach is different and beautiful in its own special way. I have never been to Nova Scotia, but I hope to visit someday. newsprout

  2. Thank you Newsprouts! =)

    Nova Scotia is really neat, as one half has white sand, and the other half has red sand. Some beaches have much more debris than others, and in some areas there are tons of tumbled rocks and glass to choose from. You couldn't see sand just tumbled stones, shells and tumbled glass.

    That beach though was actually at Saint John's of New Brunswick as we waited for the Ferry to take us to Nova Scotia.

    Hope you get to visit. It's a great place, and the people there are very kind and talkative! =)